William RLATEST STATUS: Child of the one true King, so I guess my status is prince.

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Join Date : 01/26/2012
Membership Tier : weekend warrior
Hometown : Bacliff, TX
Country : United States of America

Genres : Rock / Contemporary

Sounds Like : No other

Influences : Eddie B

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Tammy says:

Awesome!! Loved every song. Keep singing for Jesus! He's given you a voice to sing for His glory!!

Julianne says:

Hey William and Kelli ......gettin to be big time now ....cool : )

John Overton says:

Super! Keep it up

John Overton says:

Please keep it up William and Kelly - Sincerely, John Overton

Joy Cole says:

I listen to the whole CD. I enjoyed your songs you have great talent.

John Overton says:

You have a style of your own. Great!! John Overton

John Overton says:

William and Kelli; This is just wonderful!

Keep it up please. John O.

John Overton says:

Great. Your music from the CD resonates in my mind. Now I have CDs in both of our vehicles.

maxey storage says:


John Overton says:

You are gifted with a voice of an angle. Angles praise God all through the day. So do you.

Gloria Elliott says:

Good song, William!