Brian Blackburn

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Join Date : 03/25/2007
Membership Tier : basement band
Hometown : Delaware, OH
Country : United States of America

Genres : Praise/Wrshp / Contemporary

Sounds Like : You tell me :-) !

Influences : Keith Green, Steve Curtis Chapman, Michael W. Smith, Bob Fitts, James Taylor, Billy Joel

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Doug McCready says:

Brian - You and your music are a wonderful blessing and ministry. You've got an incredible gift and I'm so proud of you that it's being used for the glory of the Lord. Continued blessings, Doug McCready (Columbus, Ohio)

john davidson says:

As I hve listened to the fanfaves, your song was one of the main ones that grabbed me. I llove nearer. It reflects my own heart. I decided to check out your bio and it makes sense now. I feel alot of music today seems to be just noise. No power and no impact. I really appreciate you dedication ;in trying to become the best of the best by getting your masters. ; ;I am currently praying that God would give you wisdom, strength, new creativity and new songs that would lift up the Lord. If want a continued time of worship and getting into the presense of God in a fresh way I encourage you to listen and enjoy "More of You." This last two years was a time of deep growth in intimacy with the Lord that resulted in these 10 song being written.


John Davidson

Renee Wibly says:

WOW, fantastic, I am truly blessed by listening to your music. Thank you!

Marsha Link says:

Thank you for sharing your music - it made my day!
God bless your ministry; I continue to pray for you.

Brenda Kuieck says:

"We also pray always for you...that the name of our Lord Jesus Christ may be glorified in you." 2 Thess. 1:11-12
Keep up the great work! God Bless! :)

Kym Kaelber says:

Sounds great! Your vocals are wonderful! Did I hear Lori singing too? Keep up the good work! We will be praying for you as God leads you!

Jay Tarantino says:

Great job Brian, God bless your next steps. Let me know how I can help !

Sharon Holst says:

I LOVED your Pre-Release Demo CD - Excellent!!!! We will be listening over
and over again in the car. I love to sing along to worship songs while driving, and I hope it's a memory that will stay etched into my boys' minds for a long time - how wonderful it is to worship the Lord in the everyday things. Thank you for providing an excellent template for genuine worship!!

It helps so much that I know what you are like in person - your love
of the Lord, your care for individuals, your genuine and helpful spirit -
and how Jesus shined out of everything you did at DGBC - because sometimes I have a problem trusting the words of artists I don't know at all. It is easy to SAY things but hard to live them.

I think it would be a lovely CD to share with a friend who lost her husband very recently. I plan to give her a copy of your CD - the songs deal so gently with themes of suffering and grief.

Thank you!!! I know God is going to bless a ministry that is dedicated to
humbly proclaiming His glory, as yours is.

Melissa Stutz says:

I truly enjoyed listening to the tracks that you have out here Brian. You've touched my heart through your music ministry for years. I was especially touched by How Much Do You Mean To Me. It spoke directly to my heart, and I could completely relate to your words. Thank-you for continuing to share your gift with others, blessing them through Christ working through you. I'm looking forward to having the CD in hand and being able to share it with my family.

Bethany Pearson says:

Loved hearing the audio on the site. Great songs...great voice!! Can't wait to hear the whole CD.
P.S. We'll join the fan club as well!! :)

Suzanne MacDonald says:

I have cherished my worship time through your songs and talent. I hope your prayers are answered. I would like to be the first to start a Brian Blackburn fan club and would be honored to be your first groupie!!

Keith@ Indieheaven says:

Wonderful having you with us on Indieheaven! I wish you the very best in your music mission!
Keith Mohr