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Join Date : 11/30/2006
Membership Tier : weekend warrior
Hometown : Tacoma, WA
Country : United States of America

Genres : Contemporary / Praise/Wrshp

Sounds Like : ME

Influences :

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Delores Palmer says:

My husband and I have known Viren for years. Just wanted to wish him luck with his new CD. We have ours and have listened to it and can't say we have a favorite because we think they are all really good.

Jim (Vern) Zeigler says:

Best Friends in High School -- wah what a suprise to see you and well... here to HEAR you! Great Job Man... drop me a line.

Bernard Smit says:

Great song.... radiohit for sure !... please send your MP3 to bjc_smit@planet.nl and i'll air your song on The Edge... www.the-edge.nl


Keep looking upward!! and sing

Rebecca Spikes says:

Inspirational and uplifting great sound and lyrics!

sally sitarski says:

You'll be our New shining star!

Terri Korta says:

Way to go!

Brenda Smith says:

You are blessed with such talent! Thank you for sharing your gifts with others!

Katie Phillips says:

Viren this stuff is sooooo cool! Great job!

Cathy Crossan-Vork says:

Viren-- I Wanna Know is my favorite song. It makes me cry-- a good cry. Your the best!!

Sheila Wray says:

He Opened My Eyes is a winner!

Rob Meston says:

Viren, this is a great song! Can't wait for the next hit!

Kevin & Kathy Olsen says:

We knew at the Sunset place you were talented but "He Opened My Eyes" has just blown us away!!!Can't wait to share your music with friends and family

Bill & Cindy Niemi says:

"Viren, we love your music, we feel your passion!"

Darla Meston says:

Viren, I have and will always love your music

Julie Palmer says:

Great job. Let me know when the CD comes out,so I can buy it. Praise God!!!

Kay Voelker says:

Don!t hide your talent...put it out in front and let the world know what is comong.

L Lemmer says:

Awesome...kiddo...go for broke...

Laura Principato says:

Your songs have a nice energetic flow. Keep praising the King in your music.

Ray and Linda Drexler says:

Great music. We miss you at the reunion. You definetly have talent. We're glad that you get a chance to use it.