Rinkydink Inc.

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Join Date : 01/01/2002
Membership Tier : weekend warrior
Hometown : Stoughton, MA
Country : United States of America

Genres : Comedy / Contemporary

Sounds Like : Nothing this world is prepared for.

Influences : My uncle Henry, he was in the Jewish Mafia. They nagged people to death. I also liked Jerry Lewis, Groucho Marx, Fanny Brice, Mel Brooks, Gene Wilder. These were all Jewish comedians. Can you imagine them being funny for the Messiah?

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Leigh says:

I borrowed a friend's van while my car was in the shop, and found a tape on the floor (it's an...old van...kinda messy) so I popped it in. I was confused for a while, then started laughing hard. My eight year-old likes the outtakes best - make sure to include some on your next CD!

Laura Principato says:

Great job. That was so funny!

Shane Pace says:

3 words: awesome, hilarious, funny!

dennis Brooks says:

nine is the number of the Holy spirit. get'em god convict them Spirit of the Living God.

Rick Phillips says:

Funny! Would like to see live!

Jackie G Vision Dancer says:

I sure needed to hear something funny and inspirational tonight. Multipersonality is definitely a happening ingredient to your ministry. It works!

Keith Mohr says:

Funny stuff guys!

Eric Bath says:

Thats some funny stuff guys! I'm an indie artist from milwaukee who's considering joing the IH family. Could you shoot me an email to let me know how indie heaven has helped your ministry.

Chris says:

Keep up the good work! Massachusetts needs straight shooters like you guys.

Katrina says:

Funny...yet very thought provoking. Thank you for not being just another mumbler. Keep spreading the word and I know God will bless!

travis says:

you rules rule and are the funniest!

Frank says:

That is some funny stuff. Very Good!!!