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Join Date : 07/31/2006
Membership Tier : touring pro
Hometown : browns mills, NJ
Country : United States of America

Genres : Rock / College Radio

Sounds Like : PAULA COLE, ALANIS MORISETTE, BONNIE RAITT, JENNIFER KNAP, ALANA DAVIS, Joni Mitchell & Jewel, (folk/jazz acoustic).

Influences : joni mitchel, margaret becker, evanescence, jewel, mariah carey, basia, alanis morissette, paula cole.

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Frank Cangelosi says:

you look so beautiful, I'm such an idiot, I hope you got my voice mail about the keyboard song I would like you to send me that I gave you love frank

Diana Hetrick says:

His love is a healilng power.
Love you,

Joseph says:

Hey Anita!! :-)

I sent you a message on YT and on your other homepage!

Just wanted to try and get in touch with you via this site as well!

God Bless you Sis..... You are in my prayers!!

Keep strong, keep our Faith burning, & our Hope alive and well!!!

-Your Brother :-)

Diana Hetrick says:

This song was good. Keep up the faith!

Diana Hetrick

Ashley Farrell

Ashley Farrell says:

Love the new songs! It reminds me of the Cranberries. Awesome! Hope all is well.


John Gibson (Sparrow) says:

Hi Anita,
I hear you have a new book coming! Looking forward to the read when it becomes available. You give God a very special Glory...

Dee Emeigh says:

Thanks for your comments, Anita - You have a very unique style! Stay with it! I'm "right there with you" on the chart this month! Hope to see more of that!

diana hetrick says:

Every song is great.

Diana Stimmler Winkler

Diana Stimmler Winkler says:

Thanks so much for your kind words, Anita. I will give you a call this week. Your music is so original and unique! Don't ever lose that. I read your bio and your blog, and I was in awe of all that you've gone through, and what a great person you are. I can relate to the domestic violence. I used to live in SOuth Jersey. If I ever go back to visit, we should get together! God bless.

Diana Hetrick says:

I like her new song that came out in March.
Keep the faith in Jesus!

Genesis7 of 4 Da Love Productions

Genesis7 of 4 Da Love Productions says:

Love the energy you bring to your music with the carefully crafted message to match! Keep doing what you do!

Samuel Bowen says:

The only reason Anita Ferrer will not be in the top 20 of the christian CCM charts is because her music does'nt fit the role of a woman in the christian music mainstream. She rocks musically with an abandon passion, and her Lyrics are the real thing from the depth of this God lovers heart. After all, how many real rockers are woman in the mainstream christain rock top 20?
Thank God for Anita!

Diana Hetrick says:

Make love your aim. I agree with peace.

Diana Hetrick says:

Always enjoy your music. We always pray for you and will always be there spiritually for you. All those years we helped one another through thick and thin. Friends stay together and speak truth in love.

Diana Hetrick says:

Keep up the good work. Well I'm voting.

Diana Hetrick says:

Very inspiring song Siren Song of the Jungle. Needs a chance to be exposed for the Glory of God.

Diana Hetrick says:

What a wonderful song to sing. Your blog on Oct.4 was great. I and Ed felt the same way at church that day. Thanks for the encouragement.

deb capece says:

HI, Anita,
You have a wonderful, expressive voice and your lyrics have great depth. Thanks for your encouragement and kind words, sister.

Drew Davidsen

Drew Davidsen says:

Anita I am coming to NY for a special benefit concert on Sept. 17. More new soon. My new CD is coming. Check out the title track. Special thanks to Paul Jackson Jr., and Chuck Loeb for playing on, "We 3 Stringz."

It's on the fan faves as well.


Gary Armstrong says:

Hey Anita! Of course, love yur stuff.
Wish i'd hear from you again...
garijames @msn.com