Clinton JonesLATEST STATUS: In case anyone wonders why I have a new album that has no songs - yet. I'm not happy with new recordings - too much lap steel and reverb.

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Join Date : 04/17/2012
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Hometown : Locust Grove, VA
Country : United States of America

Genres : Songwriter / Blues

Sounds Like : Mainly a songwriter who also sings and plays a resonator guitar often using open G tuning.

Influences : Larry Norman, Robert Zimmerman, Bruce Cockburn, Neil Young, Willie Nelson, Blind Boy Fuller, to name a few.

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Steve says:

That actually wasn't too bad. It of course could use some sprucing up, but the foundation of a decent song is there. I'm also impressed with your playing skills on that new guitar you bought. I can see why you got it. It has a large orchestral quality to it, which is what any guitar-type instrument is capable of doing.

John G. says:

Good song. Keep up the writing Doug (keep it real). Also, keep looking towards heaven and going to the rail. Your prayers are ALWAYS answere brother.