Larry French

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Join Date : 08/25/2008
Membership Tier : basement band
Hometown : Larkspur, CO
Country : United States of America

Genres : Songwriter / R&B

Sounds Like : Who knows?
A lot of people say Keith Green...

Influences : Too many to tell...really!!!

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Celeste Talley says:

Oh, Larry, I had no idea. Wow, you have been through enormous pain. Let's see if we can get you back to normal. I will be praying for you but you need to listen to the Lord when He is telling you to do. I don't know what that will be or what it is but He will guide you through this but only with your help. Please keep me informed. I love seeing His Hand working in others.
Blessings to you,

David Ashley says:

Just wanted to say Hi Neighbor.... fellow Coloradian.

Laura Principato says:

Just heard "I'm the Resurrection" - a lot of Keith Green influence (love that!)
My favorite is "Wimps need not Apply" :-)

Ashley Farrell

Ashley Farrell says:

Larry, I just wanted to stop by and say "Praise God for you!" I'm always so encouraged by your prayers and comments in the forum.

You remind me of my husband's uncle. A fun-loving, humorous, prayerful, and Spirit-filled man. He's so refreshing to me, and so are you.

I love your music. It makes me smile. What a blessing you are!

Tami Vodvarka

Tami Vodvarka says:

You know Larry, If you found a large church that is focused on doing productions...like the "Upper Room" in Long Island...you can get this great stuff produced....Just need a script to go with these great songs.:)


I AM VERY THANKFUL FOR THE FRIENDSHIP YOUVE GIVEN ME AND MANY OTHERS. congrads on your award. i enjoyed our time in nashville. one to remember always.

Legacy -Gary says:

Larry what a friend: When I had my moment of sadness you were there to listen when you could have walked on by, but not you. You stopped listen and we prayed then we laughted. Your a Man of GOD and GOD Blessed you well. You showed me that and I am sure many others. Till next year CIA ROCK ON my Brother my God be with you in all your travels. Gary

Eric Paul says:

Larry, we love your music. Anna and I were blessed. We love the LIFE in the music, very expressive, and full of great insight. Stay radical for Christ!

anita ferrer

anita ferrer says:

hey you awesome brother,
mark & I are enjoying your songs. mark says you're not a bad piano player. Sounds like elton John...very nice. you are so cool. nice finger work:)

TCC Worship Band says:

Hey Larry!

Diggin the tunes.. kind of a hybrid of Keith Green, Barry McGuire and a little Larry Norman..

Bless ya my brother!

Leah Lanier Gates says:

Nothing blesses me more than a heart after God's. I am honored and blessed to be considered a friend of yours. I thank you for your obedience to Him, for your unwavering love and encouragement. This is a rare find in this world today. Thank you, thank you, thank you...God's blessings, prosperity and abundant life be manifested to you in ways you never imagined!!

anita ferrer

anita ferrer says:

WOWee...Larry's back. great to see you here and I get to enjoy your music at last! I will be checking out your songs throughout this week-end. You are truly a man after God's heart, my big brother!

Thommy Sides says:

I heard your song, "I'm a Resurrection Man" I really like the song. The piano sounds great too....yeah much like dear Keith Green's. Rise, Kill and Eat sounds like him too, but you have your own style which is good too.
I was still deciding on wheather to join this site, but hearing your music and seeing how God is using it has encouraged me. Perhaps now I may join. I wonder though if it would benifit me cause I now live in Pretoria South Africa. My wife works for a Music Company here and I've just starting the long process of trying to put together a CD Album. I can't do arranging so that is slowing me down alot.
I wrote my own songs and have the Melody but I can't do the other things. Soon I'll have my website up. I moved here to Africa to start up a ministry. I'am an Independant cuse all the way. Not much for Missions Board's etc. God uses them but I like the idea of supporting my own work and watching God do Miracle after Miracle. I've already seen His mighty hand at work. I've only been here since March. Please keep me in your prayers dear brother, as I strive to do all that God has for me to do here. Pray too that I will draw ever closer to Him in all things. Your smile on your pic shows you to be a Spirit Filled Man of God! I've put 80 percent of Rev to memory and hope to soon start performing it as a one man drama here. Well....I've ranted on enough. Take care and don't forget to keep the Faith! I wish you well in all you do and in all you plan. I know our Father is going to use you. In our Lord's dear Love I write, Thommy Sides

Keith Mohr says:

I remember the first time I met you, it was at Estes Park, CO. You came up to me and introduced yourself, and after talking a bit, you asked if you could pray with me. That touched me brother, and from that point on, I felt a close kinship with you. That was what, 5 years ago?? And here we are now... 5 years into our friendship. I love your gifts, and your heart. You have the gift of encouragement like none other. You are a beautiful soul! Your music reflects that as well... wild.. untamed..different.. like Keith Green, you also have a prophetic gift that speaks the truth and doesn't compromise. I consider myself honored and grateful to be your friend!
Blessings brother always!
Keith Mohr