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Join Date : 07/01/2010
Membership Tier : weekend warrior
Hometown : Omaha, NE
Country : United States of America

Genres : Adult Contemporary / Songwriter

Sounds Like : Rachel

Influences : so many.

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Jeff Reynolds says:

I loved your song Tear Down The Walls. My wife and I used to live in Valley, Nebraska, for a year and a half in the mid to late '80's, when I worked at a church there -- we now live in Indianapolis.

I'd love to learn more about your music. May the Lord Jesus Christ richly bless you.

Mike Westendorf says:

Just discovered your music Rachel through the song contest. Just kept listening and all I can say is GREAT job! You've done it well! God's blessings in the new year.

Michael Miles says:

I'm in love with your album Sons and Daughters! I discovered your music on Spotify as a suggestion from listening to Rachel West Kramer, and I absolutely love your voice and the lyrics to your songs. They're truly uplifting and inspiring. I hope to be a gospel singer, and you are an inspiration to me! Thank you! :)

Joe Cichon says:

Hi Rachel,
Im looking around, looking for artists to kick off our new online Radio show. I came across your tune"This Is The Day". Love it! All your music is great. I would love to play it here on the radio show we are backing and promoting. You can see it at www.howireview.com. We cannot pay royalties as we are a small indie station. We also aske for 10 CD's to promote YOU through radio give a ways. We ask listeners questions about YOU. They have to research, then email me the answer. Its a GREAT way of getting people to look into your music...
ABOUT ME: I own HOWiReview.com site. We have guests, visitors and members for over 100 countries, and every state. We made it passed our first. I am a music producer, Tech Director and writer for Church Production Mag, technologies For Worship etc. Our site has quite a loyal following, enough for the major sponsors you'll see there.
I really enjoy your music and would look forward to promoting you here as well. Please get back to me......
God bless as you seek to serve, love and honor your God, the God of ALL THINGS new
!- Joe Cichon

Scott Smith says:

Beautiful anointing!

Michael Hiskey

Michael Hiskey says:

Elite. Top notch all the way round. "Resolution",... yeah,... I'm inspiringly humbled,...

Be encouraged and keep it comin',...


Mike says:

Hey Rachel.

Listened to new album. WOW! Again, you consistently show what an amazing artist you are by the depth of your lyrics, beautiful music, and angelic voice. Your music dives deep into life, celebrating the wonderful works of the Lord within and without, which is the essence of true worship -- to simply open our eyes, see what He's done and is doing, and give thanks to Him for it.

Keep it up.

Karin says:

Could you come to Bash on the Farm in Garner, IA? It is June 10th-11th. Barlow Girl, Vota, FFH, etc. are scheduled... I would love to see you there.
- Karin

anita ivete ferrer

anita ivete ferrer says:

WOW, you sound exactly like NICOLE Nordeman! Pretty voice my sister. God bless you.

ali978 says:

i heard this song at school. then i kearned the reason for it..and i almost cried :( amzing song.

Jim Mueller says:

GrowthtracRadio -- growthtracradio.com -- is a Christian
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We are interested in playing the following songs
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If you would, please provide access to the mp3's
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Thanks much.


Jim Mueller
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Build a Better Marriage

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Jerry says:


I've watched your video. Nice one.

Please watch my new video on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=asI5ZndLceY and comment on it.

Mike Westendorf

Mike Westendorf says:

WOW Rachel, fantastic songwriting and music. I haven't stopped and listened to a new CD from start to finish in a long time, but I did with this one. Love Resolution and Come Back to Love. Been struggling to find a way to say to my family "If you only knew", this is a good start so thank you!

Rob Warden says:

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Mike says:

Found you this morning on IH home page. Wow, what a beautiful voice you have. And your music is just amazing.

Believer says:

Thank you for allowing the Lord to use you like this!
That song 'I wonder' is beautiful!

Keith Mohr- President/Indieheaven says:

Great to have you with us on Indieheaven!
Really love your songs and mission. You are an example of passion and excellence! May God bless you for your commitment and faith-work!