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Join Date : 12/12/2010
Membership Tier : touring pro
Hometown : Kingsport, TN
Country : United States of America

Genres : Rock / Alternative

Sounds Like : I have no idea!

Influences : Jesus Christ

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Barbara A Davis says:

Attended your concert & testimony at the Compass Church in Naperville. It has so inspired me to believe I can be healed as well . I know Jesus is holding me up & will not fail me. Thank you for your challenging music. I listen every day for courage after prayer.

Carol Hodge says:

Great music with a true message from the heart. God Bless!

Kelley Caylor says:

Hi Doug, I like your song "Daddy". It is sad though. Is this song based on your life? I hope you are doing well in Tenn. Miss your wife.

David says:

Nice....real clean, well done

Marcus Powell

Marcus Powell says:

Great music and message
Be Blessed

Dean Jellum says:

Thanks Doug!! I really enjoyed your music andTestimony at an Overcomer's meeting last spring. Your music really struck a note with me,and I really appreciated your heartfelt words of hope.

Diana Winkler

Diana Winkler says:

Those lyrics are awesome on Proud American! Number 3, cool!

Jeri Schaefer--CR Washington, MO says:

Doug--Hope all is well with you, Terri, and the family!! Loved hearing the song Rainy Night in Heaven. So much has happened in and around my family since you all visited with us in Washington, MO. I can see God's hand at work in all of it; I pray my family sees it as well. Praying for you all as you get settled in and tour. God bless!

ZoeNicole Adam Webb says:

I really feel blessed after meeting and hearing Broken. Adam my husband both love the song dead man walking. Its hard explain there's just something about that song that just really moves through us.

Priscilla Helmes says:

Hey, the website is the best! you all look just wonderful and happy. I am pleased to have met you and heard your message, you get better with every song. Teri keep him working! big hugs Priscilla

Helene Cover says:

First I like to thank you and Terri from the bottom of my Heart for coming to Serenity Baptist Church and sharing your Music and your story. It was really deep and painful all at the same time. My son got in to Drugs Years ago and then three years ago it happened, he got Busted and went to Jail. Now three years later he is free of drugs and he has a beautiful Wife three beautiful Children but still has not fully excepted Jesus Christ as his savior

Eddie Cavazos

Eddie Cavazos says:

Thanks so much for your comment! Much appreciated...been listening to your stuff...very powerful messages and what a testimony! Blessings to you as you embark on your solo ministry.

Kathie Altieri says:

It's been 2 days now that I think a new 30 days of adding & voting another son has begun, but I've not seen a new entry by you to vote on
What are your fans 2 do?

Lisa King says:

Doug, I love your music. It makes me think of my own son Garret 29 years young, a herion addict, living in a sober living home in San Diego. By the grace of God and only by his grace my son walked from the prison gates straight to a rehab. today he has 31 weeks clean praise God. Do you ever go to San Diego? the place he is living at is called the Lighthouse, I wish he could hear your story and know that no matter what God still loves him and forgives him. I'm going to buy your CD for him. God bless You. A broken mom. Lisa King

Erin Maynor

Erin Maynor says:

Thanks for the comments! You guys have a great sound! Many blessings!

Maria Thomas says:

Doug, You are the best in my eyes. You and your family are amazing. Extremely happy to here your song is number one. You deserve every bit of it. You are a warrior for the Lord. Thank you for all you do. Love your new picture. Give my love to the family.

Eric says:

Great song Bro keep it coming!!!
Bikers For Christ


Dee says:

Hey, Doug! Congratulations on #1 slot on Fanfaves! Thanks for your comment on Go On...Listened to some of your music :) Dead Man Walking, High Wire :) also read your blog today and wanted to encourage you to continue to be transparent. Bringing things out to the light causes the darkness to flee! I appreciate your message! God Bless!

Carolyn Roe says:

Makes me cry every time

Judy Gerritz says:

So happy to see your song at number one on the list! You are on the right path and God will open all the necessary doors....
Llooking forward to seeing and hearing you again in NC. Judy