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Join Date : 07/05/2006
Membership Tier : weekend warrior
Hometown : Mobile, AL
Country : United States of America

Genres : Praise/Wrshp / Contemporary

Sounds Like : Lifehouse, Switchfoot, Fireflight,

Influences : Jesus Culture,Chris Tomlin, Paramore

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Jennifer Dupuy says:

LOVE the NEW album!!!!! SO excited for you ALL! LUV YA!!!

Christy Hodges says:

I love the sound and words of SOLOMONS ROAD.

Michael Schubert says:

Awesome little preview of the Solomon Road project. I can't wait to hear the finished album. May Yahweh grant us it soon!!

Blake Higginbotham says:

Hey Little Sis: I just dropped in to let you know that I love you sound. You guys are Rockin and Funkie mixed. Keep the faith and continue to praise His name all of your days. Sounds like a song doesn't it?


Blake Higginbotham - FreeBornSon

anita ferrer

anita ferrer says:

hey girl,
what a voice!...what a great quality & band. passing through while hearing new songs on FANE FAVES. looking forward to hearing more of your great music...keep in toucg girl i keep your ministry in prayers. i love your Spanish songs. are you part Spanish? keep up the great work!

Steven Coy Cook says:

You have an awesome sound. I hope to catch you guys live someday.
In God's glory.

Fellow Ih Member
Steven Coy Cook

Becky Wright says:

Jessica, just heard "Made Free" on the Fan Faves chart! Once again, way to go! Great, jubilant lyrics, and energetic music to match! (Love your voice, naturally!) Becky Wright

Randall Scott Lee says:

Big sound, Jessica. Love it.

Another brother at IH -

Brandon Hixson of Godfueled says:


courtney Spears (IH) says:

You have a really pretty voice, I like your song straight to your heart!

Anastasia Pothoven says:

I can relate to many of the things you share in your bio...I love your vocals. You can hear that you are singing straight from the heart. Blessings and welcome to IH!

Robert Miguel says:

What a beautiful voice... I really like your songs too especially "Overcomer", it rocks solid!

Harry Offutt says:

Holy Rockin Cow girl! Your song Overcomer was just under mine on the chart so I noticed it. What an amazing talent! You have everything I love in a female rocker's voice! Great tunes, great guitar. Wow.

Bryan from Mended Vessels says:

Jessica-I am loving the range of "genre" you have more rock on the first song and then it goes soft. I love the Spanish. It is beautiful.

Melody Simmons says:

awesome music!

Rick Hoffman says:

This is awesome - I would just listen to the Spanish version - and I don't even speak it!!!

danny from mile7 says:

Right on! I really dig "Overcomer" (or "Vencedora" en Espanol), but all of the cuts are great.

Laura Principato says:

Wow, Jessica! You have a great musical style. Keep it going!

Bree Noble says:

Love your style & voice Jessica and the bilingual aspect is very cool! I'm in Socal so we're local:) Glad to have you on IH.

Denise Dovel says:

Hey Jessica - Great job on your CD! Welcome to Indieheaven!