Andrea C. ParkerLATEST STATUS: Psalm 150:6

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Join Date : 06/19/2006
Membership Tier : weekend warrior
Hometown : Lynchburg, VA
Country : United States of America

Genres : Contemporary / Songwriter

Sounds Like :

Influences : Keith Green, Carmen, Bill Gaither, Casting Crowns (Mark Hall), Nichole Nordeman

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Julia says:

Great music and powerful voice! God bless you, sister.

Ed Capacite says:

Beautiful bio Andrea. Thanks for sharing. Has it bee 15 years, really? wow. God Bless you, Edwin and your family, my sister. May God continue to fill you with His Love-it definitely shows and it is beautiful to see.
Please give my regards to Edwin and your family.


Angela Jennings says:

Hey Andrea this is Angela from Colonial Heights Nazarene Church. I had spoke to you before but lost your facebook info. We wanted to see if you could come sing May 30th during our morning service at 10:45. Thanks so much Angela

Mr. Moskowitz says:

Hi Andrea:
I found your website and listened to a few clips and they are great!
I am proud of your accomplisments and keep up the great work!

Your "old" music teacher,
Mr. Moskowitz

Judith Baker says:

I LOVE this picture - so worshipful and Spirit filled! Bust a note for Jesus girl!

Terry Davis says:

Hi Andrea,
I am so glad that you and your husband decided to come to Va and work at our chuch we are blessed to have you both and God has brought you to help Pastor Randy Hahn and Scott Perkins work for him to impact our world for christ.
Andrea it was a pleasure to meet you yesterday I have always loved your voice since the first time you sang for us...You have brought alot to the church, we are very blessed to have you....

chris lucas

chris lucas says:

Hey Andrea!! Hope you're doing well!

Joyce & Doug Waterfield says:

Love the music & your voice.

Tim Juillet says:

Hi Andrea,

I took some time tonight to listen to your sound clips. I really enjoyed listening!!! Some really interesting production on your songs.. Love the orchestral stuff, & love how your project has so much variety. A lot of different sounds. & your voice carries very well. I also enjoyed reading your bio & news.. How cool it must have been to open for MWS with Prophecy. Sounds like a fun night!!

God Bless,

Tim Juillet

Jesse says:

I like your music, especially the message behind your songs. I think Pirate On A Motorcycle is fun and unique. Keep up the good work. May Jesus bless your musical endeavors!


Edwin Parker says:

Listening to 'Be Still and Know' and 'I Am God' this morning to work to really get my mind in a 'Straight Path'. Even though I'm as disfunctional as a 'Pirate (On A Motorcycle)' I'm trying to have a 'Rosie" disposition and wanting "More, More". I keep asking God to give me a 'Carpenter's Clue' as I look through this 'December Rain' about what's going on, but He says 'I Have Been There' - done that. That being said, 'Let Us Pray'....

Annette says:

"I love Bastian's song, Mommy!" says Katie Griffith (age 4).

Seriously, you need to make a kids cd - for 3 reasons, it would be really good, it would be so nice to have a cd of not dorky songs, and my kids are already driving me crazy singing .... pirate on a motorcycle....lalalalala.... I love it, but I need more songs!!

Meagan says:

Now i get what you and my mom were saying about ther question mark!

hehe, well I love you guys!!!

Rodney Harris says:

Andrea, these songs are great! Can't wait to hear the complete version of " Pirate On A Motorcycle". Keep the good music coming. Be Blessed!

Michael D Koehler says:

Andrea, Im here listening to your songs.. and im like WoW! Excellent! Im always in tears hearing December Rain, and its great to hear the finished songs of Pirate on Motorcycle, and Rosie! Id love to hear the full version of Straight Path! I love it! Great job on this! Hope to speak soon. I run the Viktors page over at facebook. that is how i heard about your cd. God bless! And hope Ike did not do any damage in your place. Mike

Belinda says:

Sorry about the ? I realized I do love you guys! LOL! It was my new glasses couldn't see well.

Belinda says:

The Lord has truly blessed you with a wonderful voice. Congratulations on your new cd. Keep up the great work. We love you guys? The Markers!

Judith Baker says:

Beautiful and sweet song - "Let Us Pray." Congrads on getting in the studio. Tell your friends they wrote a great song.

Bruce Danna

Bruce Danna says:

Love the new song. Great job.

Eddie Cavazos

Eddie Cavazos says:

Hey Andrea,

I checked out your new tunes and I really like them...I'm impressed with your style and the sincerity which shines through each song. If you're ever in need of more songs, Laura & I would be honored if you checked out our tunes! As songwriters, we're always looking for talented vocalists for our stuff!

Hope you've gotten settled in C.C.! Sounds like some amazing things are happening in your life!

Bless You!

Eddie & Laura