Ryan Hirschy

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Join Date : 07/28/2006
Membership Tier : basement band
Hometown : Decatur, IN
Country : United States of America

Genres : Adult Contemporary / Inspirational

Sounds Like :

Influences :

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barb L says:

Hi, Ryan, sure neat to view your websites, see what is happening in your Hirshey lives. Looked at the kids photos, wow!! are they growing up fast!! utdoor views of them are awesome. What cutie pies.!!
Lost your email so using this to connect with you.
I want to send you a cd of two local kids, first cd just out,work as you and Brad do with youth and are on some of the same websites so can take a look.
They are local brothers, Matt and Jason Gingerich, sons of Mr/Mrs. Harold Gingerich, in ministry and missionary work for years. The guys are located at: mattandjason.com. Also have an indieheaven site.
For our local crisis pregnancy center, abstinance program, Matt is presenting at Rome City Jr High. this week. Mis's mom, Mari, the center director and I ,would love to be a mice on one those sessions. He is so ornery, but we know he will really connect wtih the kids. Both he and Jason have worked in this program with youth in our local high schools. Melisa did it for several years , nowhas her current job, ttheir ownship trustee and she also subs at our high school, plus 5 kids, animals, sports, it all keeps her jumping litterally!!!
Their album cover photo shoots were taken in our kids' woods across from J's and M's driveway and some taken along their curvey drive back to their home site which is about a block off the road on 250W west of LaGrange. It is beautyiful there. Great place for the guys to deer hunt, the current BIg subject of our older two boys and pals. I happened to be out at J and Melisa' s the day Becky, a local photographer , was doing the shoot. for Matt and Jason.
Have not heard much in regards to how Brad is doing, last was that he had made it through his school year, doing ok. I hope that continues to be the same. His grandma is in the same wing to east of where my mom is in Edelweiss at S. Village. I have not bumped into any of the family yet while there but my brother, Denny, has.
On a lighter note, saw Mark Lowry in Shipshe a few weeks ago, always a fun night for the Lewton girls when we do a sisters' getaway, in '08 chose his concert weekend in Shipshe . Stayed at Farmstead Inn and had a L slumber party , a fun weekend for us.
My mom is well into her Alzheimers to point she does not know us, smiles when you go in to visit her but cannot say our names, hasn't for all three of us over this summer so visiting her is getting harder and harder.
I was down yesterday to see her, always wonder which is your home as I truck by what was Yost Woods to me, on 27, know it has a different name now. It is a pretty spot much like what we settled in, woodsy.
Hi and hugs to all your family. The kids are sure growing!!! but so are ours , all 5 of our L grandkids played soccer this fall so do I need to tell you where we were a lot of days, ?? likely NOT !!! I love the sport so try to get to as many as possible tho some days could not when the two older boys played at two diff sites, Jaron on 7th, jr hi team, Austin, frosh, on WHS JV team.
Love the shot of your little sport in his baseball photo!!

Todd Day says:

GREAT VOICE BRO! I really enjoyed meeting you in Indianapolis this past Saturday. May God bless your ministry!

Attaboy says:


Love the website!

Shawn from 7 Ways says:

Hey Ryan:

It was nice to meet you at the summit last week! God bless you and your ministry: maybe our paths will cross again soon?!


Gregory Quakenbush says:

You constantly touch my heart, I feel fortunate to call you a friend and brother.
We love you guys dearly!

Diane Heyerly says:

God bless you! It has been a joy to watch how you have used the talents He has blessed you with

Dee Fabini says:

Best of Luck!

Jodi Lynn Brunner says:

Ryan I love you bunches! Your cousin, Jodi

Mike Kjergaard says:

Sounds great! May God continue to bless your ministry.

Mike Cook says:

Great wittness with the talent that God gave him!

Christie Beer says:

Always touches my heart....congrats on the nomination~

Denise Dovel says:

Great job, Ryan! Congrats on your nomination!

Mark Peckinpaugh says:

Keept it up, Ryan. Keep serving the Lord with that killer set of pipes!

Evelyn Fields says:

Good lunck Ryan in winning.God Bless Evelyn

Edith Byerly says:

very good

B Lewton says:

Awesome always!

sherri Chambers says:

Great album!

Chet Chambers says:

Ryan... congratulations! Yours is still my favorite CD that I have been involved in producing... my daughter and I listen to it often. Let's do another CD soon. (hint, hint...) Keep serving... He is worthy! Your pal, Chet

omaley rojas says:

good luck

Brent Walker says:

Congrats on the nominations. See you in March.