Laura & Eddie CavazosLATEST STATUS: Excited about new ep coming Summer 2013 with Freedom Praise Band!

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Join Date : 04/06/2006
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Hometown : San Antonio, TX
Country : United States of America

Genres : Songwriter / Songwriter

Sounds Like :

Influences : Rich Mullins, James Taylor, Jim Croce, Cat Stevens

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Olivia G. Cavazos says:

Eddie and Laura...."God Alone" is absolutely breathtaking---the lyrics, the music, the vocalist, everything about it. It is my daily source of inspiration. When I hear God Alone, I feel like I'm listening to an angel. Your talent is truly amazing..I know Our Lord is so proud for all that you do to spread His Holy Word thru your music. God bless you

tal and acacia

tal and acacia says:

great message ... thank you!
Stay in the Race!!

Duke White says:

Hello this Duke White With www.thevoyceradio.com I am requesting Music servicing from your organization please email your music to managment@thevoyceradio.com if you have any questions you may call me at 757-641-5229

Becky Wright

Becky Wright says:

Hey, Laura & Eddie! I just listened to (& rated) your song "There Will Be a Day" on the Fan Faves chart. This weekend marked the 8th anniversary of my little sister's passage from this life into Heaven with Jesus. Still so hard ... but your song is true- there WILL be a day-- I'll see her again! Love you both:)) Becky Wright

Ken Whitson (Like Minds) says:

Hi Laura and Eddie
Just wanted to tell you - I can't stop playing See The Cross. Wow, I love that song. That voice and guitar remind me of Johnny Lang, so much emotion. His power and love....His power and love....yep. Thank you, Ken

charlotte martinez says:

Eddie and Laura, you guys are amazing!!!Tony is asleep and I am listening to your songs! Haven't heard Pure Holiness in ages and it brought back great memories. I love, You Are Called, You are Chosen", 'You Reign", You Are Mine',and of course See The Cross. too many other favs to mention. You both are truly blessed. I miss you guys so much!!

Mickey Rosenfeld says:

Nice Write-up in the CCM Magazine. Congratulations on all you musical accomplishments and may God Bless you upcoming project

Kathleen / Nevaeh says:

Loved that song Come Into His House. Waiting for you to make it available for purchase. Outstanding worship song.

Doug Hallock

Doug Hallock says:

Hey you guys, I listened to your Quench My Life song, and really enjoyed it. I like your style a lot.

Bobby Garringer says:

Would like to use "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" on an Internet radio station, with your permission.

Can you get me a copy? I couldn't buy it at IndieHeaven.

Bobby Garringer

Barry Hanson says:

You Reign!!!
Well Done man!!!
Are you guys still in San Antonio?
Trying to get down there for Christmas.

Restored says:

I've been enjoying your music, Eddie and Laura! I was interested in seeing that you are an elementary music teacher, Eddie. I am, too, and like you have taught for 25 years. Small world, eh?! I play keys for the band, Restored. It's nice to find you on here and to be able to introduce myself. God's blessings on your mission!
Jim Frisque

Diana Marconi says:

I absolutely love this. It is beautiful and inspiring. I don't know why I hadn't seen it sooner. It gave me the greatest feeling. You guys are changng the world! Gosh, we really miss you guys. It seems like we have so much catching up to do.

Paula Garcia says:

I love You Are! It simply takes you to another place for a few minutes!

tony martinez says:

Yo Eddie, The tunes ROCK! Love the your tone. Continued Success to your ministry... Great job as always John Pollock.

tony Martinez...
"Soulful Music With A Message"

Tom Yarborough says:

I love your music. I see that we will be sharing space on the Unified by Grace cd. Just wondering which song you will include on there? Mine will be "Searching for Something".
God bless,
Tom Yarborough

John Mayes says:

Eddie - You guys were GREAT last night. I felt privileged to hear you at the WUMC Soul Cafe. I'm sure that I didn't do the 'justice' to you that (your) John could have done if he had been able to stay, but I heard nothing but positive comments about your music.

John (WUMC sound guy)

tony martinez says:


You are "THE Man!" Puro Hombre'...

Love, Bro,
tony Martinez

Gina Zavalis

Gina Zavalis says:

Thanks for stopping by and for your well wishes! I am blessed to be meeting such great artists here. "Here I Am" is certainly uplifting me and getting me ready for the day, what a blessing!

Gina Zavalis

Gina Zavalis says:

I am honored to be on your "Top Artists" list :-), thank you! Your compliments are very much appreciated. And thank you so much for voting! I'm looking forward to listening to more of your music. Have a great weekend!