Blue FireLATEST STATUS: Playing tomorrow night in Sherwood, OR. @ Rose's Deli...what a Sweet Gig! Sounds like a great night with friends who enjoy Live Music!

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Join Date : 10/07/2005
Membership Tier : weekend warrior
Hometown : Lincoln City, OR
Country : United States of America

Genres : Songwriter / Rock

Sounds Like : Christian Rock.

Influences : Jesus :) Toby Mac and Diverse City, Kutless, Red, Over The Rhine, Sixpence, Out of Eden and most recently, Ryan Stephenson! We have the privilege of opening up for him in Lincoln City, OR. On May 15! Praise Jesus, is that going to be fun! I'm excited for

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Stephanie Dixon says:

this is awesome!! :) thanks for sharing!! abide is my favorite.. it spoke so much to me and is right where my heart is right now.. seeking His will and way.. they are all realy good though!! <3 what an awesome mighty God we serve!! may God continue to bless and move you forward and higher in Him!! in Jesus Name

Matthew & Desiree Clausing says:

You guys are so amazing! we are so happy God is continuously blessing you with the abilities to make music to glorify Him. we love you and miss you guys. Always love listening to your music. Thanks for sharing. God Bless You

Gaylene Golden says:

I have been following this group awhile and this piece culminates what has gone before and is a step toward more to come. I have been listening to this song every morning since it came out to start my day. I also find it my favorite piece to listen to while doing art work. It connects me to the Creator and I find myself collaborating with "I AM" in creativity. This song is a powerful prayer that effects much. It accesses the yearning of need and
desire, turning them into expectant hope, faith and experience.

Michele Brooks says:

Carly, Great Job!! Think I definitley need a CD or two. Congrats!

Laura says:

Very Nice, Carly! Great job! Love it!

Christy Rider says:

I forgot how amazing this song is!!! :)

Sam Gill says:

Nice, I like the vocals. Do not usually hear that vocal style with this music, but it is kind of catchy!! Blessings.

Kara says:

metcha at schooners :) love your sound girl! you've got this cool feminine version of kevin max vibrato...its awesome! :) thank you so much for sharing and keep me posted on new stuff! always encouraging to meet bros and sis in Jesus, but especially when im just minding my own lil business at work on a slow snowy night! many blessings!

Audra says:

Carly you did it!! From girlhood dreams and youth group vocals. To putting out what you've always wanted to do... I'm glad you were able to find such amazing talent to reach your shared goals with.

All my love,

Bell says:

I heart Blue Fire!
Love you friends!!!
Can't wait to rock tonight!!!!

Steve Parsons says:

Very, very, very cool. Is this the Carly I once know in high school? Dead-on Vocals! I am so glad you have not forsaken our Lord, Jesus Christ! Love "Live out Loud" and BlueFire graphics. Susan and love new upcoming bands so keep us informed on your progress via Facebook!

matt pitzl says:

Hi Carly. Can't wait for this weekend, it's going to be awesome. We'll be in town around 1 or 2 on Saturday. Can you email me your phone number again? I lost it and need to ask you a couple questions. mp@mattpitzl.com

liz says:

hi guys! I finally got on here to say how wonderful you sound! Congrats on the beautiful piece and upcoming concert!

Wendy says:

Speechless... Not much can make me have nothing to say.

Zach Felix says:

Wow, great song and beautiful vocals. Keep up the great work.

God Bless

Cassie Anderson says:

Yeah! I love you guys!!! Great Song!!!!

Evie Haskell says:

Carly, great song and vocals! Another Oregonian--yeah!

Terri Shamar

Terri Shamar says:

Carly, you have the voice of a Songbird that can rock! Great tunes! You are an awesome sister to fellowship with! Love you always

ann beaver says:

love your voice and pics are awesome

Gidg Diggs says:

Really liked the web site, your voice, and instrumentation on the songs