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Join Date : 05/30/2008
Membership Tier : weekend warrior
Hometown : Eugene, OR
Country : United States of America

Genres : Rock / Instrumental

Sounds Like : Elton John, Keith Green, David Lanz, Journey, Alan Parsons, Kansas

Influences : Iona, Elton John, Keith Green, Kansas, Steve Morse, Peter Gabriel, Alan Parsons, Genesis, Toto, Phil Keaggy, Chopin, Sting, Rush, Yellowjackets, Journey, Kerry Livgren, King's X, Pink Floyd, Ellis Paul, Sarah McLachlan, 80-90's Yes

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Neil Patton

Neil Patton says:

Hey, thanks, Jen! I really appreciate it. Blessings to you (and your new computer)!

Neil Patton

Neil Patton says:

Hard enough! I had MIDI files of the songs (as the project was recorded with a virtual piano), but still a lot of work to make it look good and readable. Finishing edits on the last two pieces, then should be ready by next weekend, I hope. I'll announce here when it's ready for prime time!

Joel says:

Hey dude. Hope that transcription project is moving right along. Doing it the "hard" way?

Pam Walton says:

If people only knew how much deeper your gifts go beyond your amazing composing and performing. Thank you for helping me make my own music come alive with fantastic arrangement and accompaniment.

Lane Pregnancy Support Center says:

Thank you, Neil, it was beautiful! Neil performed for our banquet again this year and, as we've come to expect, it was not only a professionally executed, worry free addition to our event, but became the hit of the evening. Our thanks to Neil for sharing your with us and so many others.

Michael Di Rienzo says:

I love the introspective quality of your playing. "Truly I say to you, in between the notes that you play that is when the holy spirit breaths through you; and then you express his breath, his idea in a chain of words that don't speak in english_they speak in notes_an unleashed secret through piano _not unlike the words I that I have penned now..Gods' speed..absolutely breathtaking!

Diane Schneider says:

Neil--Stumbled upon your site. You are incredible. Such fire, spirit, energy and beauty. I am considering joining here--I'm a harpist ( harpofhope.com ) w/ mostly instrumental CD's... specialty in therapeutic harp w/ critically ill people and animals... something different eh? I'm on a writing deadline right now but I'm coming back to buy your albums. Blessings from St. Augustine FL, Diane Schneider

chris lucas

chris lucas says:

It's nice to find someone who is playing their instrument for the pure joy of music. I'm sure the Master Musician would dance to your "Jig" - This is well thought out composition. Are you familiar w/ some of the piano playing of Laura Nyro? I'll come back often for a listen.

Tim Juillet says:

Hey Neil,

Enjoyed listeing to your "Tocatta" today. I love listening to great piano music. I was breezing through fanfaves tonight, & your music stuck out to me.

Keep it up!

Tim Juillet

Carey Germana says:

Hi Neil!
So great to see you on the charts where you deserve to be! I love your songs. I haven't been able to write or perform for a few months with my mother's illness all-consuming but I appreciate your prayers and concerns. The Lord continues to make Himself known to me on a daily basis!


Janet says:

It's so much fun to watch your progress. Keep up the awesome work! The beauty of your music reminds me God is nearby...

And hey dude, where are the pictures from the concert? On your page or somewhere else? Maybe you haven't put then up yet? I hope you recovered. I'm still tired from the long day. Well worth it, obviously!

Have a great day Neil. Be blessed. Your work blesses me...

Lisa Fretwell says:

The more I listen to Toccata, the more it grows on me. It's intense and moving. What a wonderful way to start the day.

Keep Twinklin' those ivories.

Lisa Fretwell says:

Stars: Truly a float through the heavens with the twinklin' stars. This is my favorite.


Della says:

Welcome welcome!! So nice to have some company here! Loving your music and heart of worship! Soli Deo Gloria!

Joel says:

Toccata and First Steps are winners! Glad to see the art of improvisation lives on. Now... put a tune on Fan Faves already so I can go vote for it. :)

Julie Turner says:

Hey Neil!
Great to see you on Indieheaven! I'm listening to your music while I finish up a project on the computer...it's BEAUTIFUL!!! What a gift! I'm having flashbacks to H.S. choir! :) How old are we?

Keith@indieheaven says:

Wonderful to have you with us!
Loved your music, beautiful!
Keep up the excellent faith-work!
Keith Mohr

patti ambrose says:

Absolutely beautiful music!