Chris CarderLATEST STATUS: Looking forward to worshiping at Forest Park Community Church, in Louisville, KY. Love to partner with you! 502-550-3566!

Arthur Payne says:

Hello. I just wanted to let you know that I downloaded the free download you provided and would like to play your song on our internet Christian radio station, KBAT Christian Radio. We are not a reporting station but play the music of independent artists to help give them more exposure and promotion. Please advise if this would be ok. Thank you and God Bless,

David Wright says:

Hey Brother it's been a long time! Hope everything is going well on your end. Keep up the great work for Him, and hope to see you down the road one day in the near future. Bless Ya & Love Ya!!

Bobby Garringer says:

I wrote about using "Shoebox" on an Internet station.

I would also like to use "From Many Waters".

Bobby Garringer says:

I'd like a copy of "Shoebox" to play on an Internet radio station that features music of independent Christian artists.

Then please send other songs for consideration, from time to time.

Paul Barlow says:

Hi Chris, I just joined Indie Heaven. I'm from Louisville too. Love your stuff.

Keith Mohr- President/Indieheaven says:

Chris.. so nice to see you today, thanks for lunch and the interview!


chris- joy to see you again in nashville. keep up the great music chris.
you are such a blessing

donna summers hall says:

You are amazing!
Love your music!

Rodney New says:

Hey Chris, I Love your song "Trust". Very nicely done.

Jason Burns says:

It was good to meet you. I totally enjoyed your guitar playing! We listened to your CD on the way home.

Andrew Rice says:

Safe travels on your way to Colorado. You're in my prayers, brother.
Sampai lagi,

Becky Carey says:

Hey Chris! It was great meeting and sharing with you at the Summit.Wow...your voice is passionately powerful! Loved hearing you live. Thanks for the encouragement and for sharing the joy in your heart with me. You shine brother!

jim says:

Hi Bro,

Hope you had a great weekend.

We love you,

Jim & Beth

Jim Britton says:

Wish you were going along with me to Indo.

Love ya,


James Britton says:

Keep up the great work, Anda

Tuhan memberkati,

Pak Jim

Beth Britton says:

Hi Chris,

We love you and we're proud of you!!

Beth & Jim

mike-Potterz Clay says:

Hey Chris, Congrats on being a finalist, you earned it!

JHB says:

Keep up the good work.

Love ya, Jim

Ann Jackson says:

Great music, inspirational enough to listen to every day that I workout on my mp3!

Jim says:

Keep up the great job.

Love ya bro


Pauline Van Horn says:

loved it !

Ken Lang says:

The Lord has certainly given you a wonderful gift! You've got a great sound and the songs are incredible... keep up the good work!

Charis says:

Hey Chris! Hope all is going well. We just had our CD Release Party at Apex and it was wonderful. Wish you could have been there!

How's the music going? Are you working on new stuff? Love your voice! Miss you!

Becky Carey says:

Great music my brother! Your passion in your service for Christ is inspiring. Keep on pressing on for the Master!

Kristyn Leigh says:

Hi Chris!
Great music. Love Refuge. You remind me of Todd Agnew. God bless you!
Kristyn Leigh

Michael Blakemore says:

Thanks dude I appreciate it! I recorded my album at Blackwatch studios in Norman OK. They are ver ycreative in there. THat was one of our main goals was to make it sound very different and not cookie cutter. Some people really enjoy the creativeness, some arent sure what to think haha. It doesnt matter to me though! as long as GOd likes it. Take care!

Jim Britton says:

Love you my bro,


Katie Spellman says:

Hi Chris!
Love your song Trust!
love all your songs, man.
You are truly a blessing. May God raise you up.

Steven Barlow says:

Congrates, you've topped the chart again. Keep praising the Lord and watch him work in your life. The feedback from your concert at our church has been Great!

Tom & Kathy Sutherland says:

Thank you, Chris, for making a difference both in our worship of God and our encouragement in looking to Christ. Psalms 67! In His fresh mercies. We appreciate and love you.

Rick James says:

Hey Chris,
Congrats on the number one spot. You have a really cool voice. Keep up the great music and God bless you r ministry. Maybe the Lord will lead us to play a gig together someday.
In Christ,
Rick James

Glenn Hall says:

Congradulations on another top song on fanfaves. Continued success and God Bless.

Lisa Helder says:

Hi Chris,
Just wanted to let you know I've just listened to your song "Trust" loved it! God has blessed you with a wonderful gift. May He continue to bless you in your life and in His Kingdom work!!!

Kathy S. Hogue says:

Chris, I really love this song. The most important thing we can learn in this life is to trust God. It is the key to everything. Think of Abraham. Wow! He is our role model. Love you and your family.

Jim Britton says:

Hey Chris,
I'm so proud of you and glad you are continuing to invest in people.
Love to hear your songs.
Keep Lookin' Up!! Love you my son,

Joubert Sumanti says:

I did not have a chance yet to listen to your music, but based on the past experience doing ministry in Manado Indnesia, I always touched by style and lyric of your song that so enriching and encouraging the heart, since you sing by heart to HIM, Puji Tuhan

Joubert & Evie

Melanie hillier says:

Kepp on keeping on!!!!1

Matt Bryant says:

Just added you to my top 10! I listened to your song on Fan Faves and was like cool music dude. Have a good one :-)

Kelly Grant says:

God is good all the time, All the time God is good. Congrats Chris. I remember the old days in Indo listening and singing with you. God has bless you. Keep up the awesome job.
God Bless you,
Kelly Grant

Aaron & Ritche Carney says:

WOOT, Mile of Sunshine in First place. We're rooting for you Chris. Love your music man. keep up the good work.

Tracy & Theresa Farnsworth says:

We are so proud of you!!! Chris, I LOVE this album - We can't wait to see you all again! God Bless!
Tracy, Theresa, Andrew, & Cameryn

Frankie says:

That's awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kelly johnson says:

Hey Chris!! Frankie, Laura, Lindsey and I are so proud of you!! You sure have come a long way since singing in our little wedding in 1995!! You are precious and God has certainly blessed you with a wonderful voice!! We love you and keep up the spirit!!
Love to you! Kelly Johnson

Kathy S. Hogue says:

Hi Chris, Congratulations on reaching #1. We love all your songs. Most of all, we love your spirit.
Pastor Terry and Kathy

Alise Britton says:

Hi Mr. Carder. I'm thinking of you. And I have one of your CD's. And I always dance to it, I can't help it...the CD is so good! I made up a dance for one (of the songs). The dance is cool. I am 7 years old.
From: Alise Britton
To: Chris Carder

K.Brodie says:

I haven't heard a song you've done that doesn't seriously rock, from the vocals to the writing to the production. You've got a great style that a lot of people need to hear! God will honor your faithfulness. Keep up the good work.
God Bless

Melanie Hillier says:

I have emailed your web page to EVERYONE in my mailbox thats 55 people!
I want to get your other albums. where can i do that?

donna cole says:

Great Song ! Wonderful, joyful song ! Lots of fun to sing unto the LORD.
Keep up the good work and walk.
In Christ Donna

Scott Vannatter says:

Seeing that you are from Ky. and I am orig. from W.V. but now in Tx. Just for that I had to give you five stars. Great music well done.

IH artist,
Scott Vannatter

donna cole says:

I find that I am singing " Trust " throughout the day as my praise and worship. You did it again Chris opened up my heart to praises to Our King and Savior throught your songs. Great CD also.
Much love in Christ Donna

Bill & Shirley Fifer says:

Frankie, out at Styles Body Shop here in Cartersville, gave us your site
to go and check out your music. It is great. We like it and would like to know, if maybe you could come to our church in C'ville sometime. We are New Covenant Church and just across from Wal Mart and next to the firestation on Hwy 20. Let us know how to get you here and what the cost would be. We are a very small congregation, but very big hearts.
Keep up the good work, you have a very nice voice.
church email/ Pastor Bill Watson.

Drew Davidsen says:

Thanks for stopping by my page. I love your sound. Great vocals and guitars. Nice production too. :-)

ron cole says:

Trust is a heartfelt song and a blessing to the listener.

Miranda Roach says:


Sam Bowen says:

You've got a beautiful voice Chris and a big sound!! Lots of truth flowing from your stuff man. Keep it up Bro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sam Bowen

"you're not a body with a soul. You're a soul with a body"

Ivan Hoyt says:

Truth from the Word and his heart. Great voice and accompanyment. Good variety in song style.

Melanie Hillier says:

WOW, WOW, AND WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

amos dettonville says:

The Mighty Carder Rocks - i've been on dial up - so the fan favs is a bit hard to get loaded ... but last i saw you were rocketing up with your single "Trust"!!! it's a song that many (many many) people should know ... so "heart of the gospel" when it comes to all us "prodigals" and our discovery of the revelation of the Son - "We have a Father in heaven!!!" whose faithful love is enduring.

What an ecouragement u r.


Frankie Johnson says:

Awesome great stuff! I have enjoyed watching your spirit touch so many. Keep it up.

Walt Murray says:

Chris- great song. I look forward to hearing more of your stuff.

Bill Barlow says:

Great, Great, keep up the wonderful work.

Bill Barlow says:

Great, Great, keep up the wonderful work.

Mark says:

Awesome work

Jennifer and Bryan Roach says:

You're doing so great. Trust is going up the charts and fast! Awsome! We love you and are proud of you.

shorrar says:

Chris, "Trust" is an AWESOME cd. You are blessed, brother.

Drew Davidsen says:

Hey bro, I love your sound. Great songs and harmonies. Love the guitars too. Drew

Melanie Hillier says:

LOVE the CD, its the only thing playing in my car now!!!Actually I move it from house to car, car to house. God Bless You

Lee Carder says:

It's exciting to read your page and know your music is touching so many people and their lives. I always knew you could influence many! I've always loved your music! love you much. mom

Cindy Carder says:

love the cd! you're on your way! your page site is great, love reading the reviews :-) the girls at work enjoyed your cd.

Jack says:

Chris' depth of understanding and wisdom is awesome. Keep your chinstrap on, brother.

josiah porter says:

hey whats' up----still listening to your music---i cant wait for some new stuff----cant wait to see you in the fall---if im home from college! I have to sing at the coffee house on friday wish me luck ---lol
im praying for you! be safe!


shawty says:

that's my boy! representin' J.C. and bringin His love, i love this kid! (-'u'-)

RC says:

The music only gets better each time I listen in.

sam bowen says:


caught your song on the 'fanfavs" Great song, excellent hook, vocals are outstanding. Great feel brother. Keep it up down their in KY!!!!

In His Grace
Sam B

Chris from TDP says:

Great to get to know you at the Summit. It was an annointed time fo sho! We're praying for you and your ministry! Let's play a show sometime soon! Peace

Scott Horrar says:

Love the CD bro!

amos dettonville says:

Yo! CC ... excellent to see you're still rockin' it on indieheaven ... Looking forward to your next Louisville show.

Mike Jackson says:

Great song!!!

Slade Bailey says:

Carder est magnus!

Greg and Terry Greene says:

we LOVE you and LOVE the music -- as always....your #1 fans!!!!!!

Arbab Borders says:

Chris Carder rocks the desert sands!

Karrie Hogue says:

I love this song so much! It's unique and super catchy!

Michael Cash says:

Really good, Chris!! I love your work!!

amos dettonville says:

Thanks for rocking the free world with class :0) We shall have to record our western album soon - you knows it! peac4d. amos

Mark Mitcham says:

Hi Brother:

sue kelly says:

very good

Sue Sinsley says:

Great music

josiah porter says:

This CD is amazing! I have met chris personally and he is amazing too! He is dedicated to Christ which is also awesome! Keep up the good work----waiting for another masterpiece!

Melanie Hillier says:

GREAT! I love every song.

Oriana Castano says:

My mommy sings your songs all day long! Keep up the good work Mr. Chris!

Stacy & Dave Stinchcomb says:

Chris- You know we are your #1 fans! :-) We love your music and listening to it on the CD helps us to worship in our daily lives! Love you!

Rich Carney says:

Chris\\\' music connects to both the soul and heart. Praise Him for music that strengthens and grows our faith.

Susan Luka says:

Keep rocking!

Donna Cole says:

"Chris - Great CD had it for awhile. Your love for Christ comes through and leads all who hear to praise and worship our Lord." Thank you Chris, You are loved much...

lewis cindy says:

I appreciate you and pray for you. Thanks for all you do. cindy Rating 10+

Jim Lyon says:

Chris - You are awsome, but we already knew that at Forest Park! Keep up the great sounds! We love you!

Bryan Roach says:

Love the CD man! Hope to see you guys soon.

Laura Principato says:

You've got some great music, Chris. Can I add one moe "sounds like..." to your list? Got a 'lil Allman Brothers sound in there too. Good stuff. God bless!!

Kathy S Hogue says:

We love your CD! You have a wonderful voice and musicianship.

Alex Muir says:

Hey Chris. Great music. You always share your heart and honor our Lord. Keep on bro. God Bless

Ryan and Jennifer Dragomire says:

Awesome! Blessings to you and your family.

Mike Hadaway says:

This album is not strange, it is WONDERFUL. Here you go again, creating music from your heart. The album release concert was great! You must come back to Atlanta soon!!

Greg Muir says:

Love you Chris. We missed you this year here in Bolivia. God bless you and the fam. Greg

Paul Fife says:

Yo! CC, Great music! Just to think, FPCC gets to see you live, 2 shows a week :-). God Bless...

Chelsea Robinson says:

Hi Uncle Chris! Keep up the good work,I love the cd!

Peter Hogue says:

Chris, It is a real blessing to call you a brother in Christ. You have ministered to me countless times, both on Sunday mornings and through my cd player during the week. Thanks for obeying God's call on your life.

Jennifer Roach says:

Love the music!! Love the Family!! Hope all is well.

Rick Starr says:

Look great Chris...

Frankie Johnson says:

Hey Chris, I recently lost a friend on a mission trip in Honduras. I've thought of you often in the last few weeks. To all those involved in mission work: God uses you to spread his word near and far. I am grateful. Kelly says hey. Love you brother. Rock on! Frank

Spencer Haygood says:

Nice Chris! I'll be getting this music! Let me know when you'll be in North Metro Atlanta ... love to have you out at your old home church! God's best, brother! Spencer

dustin burke says:

chris - dude I'm so glad to see you're still leading. I love worshipping with you, man. I can't believe we still haven't made the trek to write something together. We talked about doing it 5 years ago. your music sounds AMAZING!! Mr. Powell did a GREAT job. :-) I love you, man. Let's worship together soon. You up to coming to OH to lead with me?

Keith@ Indieheaven says:

Wonderful having you with us on Indieheaven! I wish you the very best in your music mission!
Keith Mohr

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