BROKEN VESSELSLATEST STATUS: 2017! Wow! Time sure does fly, whether you're having fun or not. We are anticipating our best year of service and ministry. Be in prayer.

Amanda Williams says:

I know it has been nearly 15 years since I have had the pleasure of hearing you guys sing at a Cypress Creek Missionary Baptist Church in Janice Mississippi but I have literally wore your cd completely out that I bought at that concert. You guys had a song on that cd where you had taken the Lord's Prayer and turned it in to a song, I was trying to tell a fellow choir member about it and without my cd I haven't been able to find it anywhere online to let her hear it. Is there any link where I can let her listen to it or is there anyway to repurchase the cd I once had? Please let me know if all possible, I truly miss that cd I once had. Thank you for your time and have a blessed day

Riley says:

Just had the pleasure of meeting you and your family at the Homeless shelter and WOW, what a blessing and it's great to see a family that is so dedicated to service and teaching your children what it is to give back. I really appreciate it and please have safe travels. From Bismarck, ND with all of the blessings.

Ron Tillman says:

Their concert is great. These Kids have a great word to share and their a joy to listen to.

Josh Richey says:

I just listened to your song "I'm Not" for the 1st time-what a great song!! This is one of the best songs I've heard in a long time! I could see this song listed as a soundtrack to an inspiring Christian Film. Very nice. I'm buying it.

Josh Richey says:

Just listened to "I'm Not" for the 1st time. Gotta say this is one of the best songs I have heard in a long time!! I could imagine this song as a soundtrack to an inspirational Christian film. Great job guys.

Ernest Burnett says:

Much like Jeremy Camp, Modern Day Rock Plasmsists. Didn't know had a website and glad checked twitter - I'm Not speaks, can't wait for the album. Favorite Christian band, glad to see you guys on the LP again.

Jim Conti (Smithville South) says:

Really enjoy the song "I'm Not". Great voice and well written song!

Skylar Kaylyn says:

Wow - just happened to catch your song on the Fan Faves chart and then read your news and bio on your profile. What an inspiration you guys are! May God continue to work in and through you as you minister to others. =)

Angela says:

I was wondering if ya'll have any soundtracks? Love your music.

Johnny Morgan says:

I would love to talk to you about possibly coming to our church.

225.243.6138 Church

deana cole says:

I have your first 2 cds. Do you have 3 total now? If so, what is the name of the 3rd one? Also, can i get a schedule of when you guys will be preforming near us ( we live in leesville) Thanks & we are big fans!


Hey, from one artist to another, I love your sound and message. This is one album I will enjoy listening to over and over and share with the younger generation at our church. Keep up the great work! Your message has depth and touches my soul. some of those guitar riffs.

crystal press says:

hey i just wanted to say thanks tory i really loved you r music at camp intensity and i hope to see you again sometime thanks for everything god bless you and your family

Scott Smith says:

Really great! Thank you so much! God bless you guys!

morgan amanda brister says:


Amalia Hermosillo says:

I have both your albums from itunes. You guys are the greatest! My friend lena and I are waiting for you to come to Los Angeles! God Bless you and keep you going strong!

Matthew Turner says:

Hey guys.. dont know if you remember me from plesant hill but its matt turner.. i was wanting to say i am very proud to say i know you and i love your music.. the youth group really misses you guys. i have gotten together with some friends and we started a christian band. i play guitar.. ha ha. but we are workin hard every day and i want to say thank you for your inspiration.. love you guys and im prayin for you.. later sunny and tori

Torilynn D. says:

You are a great singer God is doing a mighty in you all over the world

Angela Daugherty says:


Brad Dixon says:

Because I am a pastor, I get many CD's of Christian music from friends, family and co-workers. My relative gave me this CD and I was blown away. I was hesitant at first; that is until I heard the first song! How impressive, how Anointed. A spirit of excellence!! Guys, keep up the great work. I only wish our church were big enough to book you. Maybe one day, as we all continue to grow!

sebastian vizier says:

hey i went 2 d-now at community bible church!!!!

Lisa Billiot says:

I love y'all music it helps me get though day. God Bless!! : )

betty maryanski says:

TY broken vessels, Waiting for ya,ll to come sing aain at Calvary baptist.

Dorothy Rodriguez says:

My favorites are "What a Friend; You Never Let Go; I Believe! Thanks for doing a Great Job!

Randy Smith says:

Bless the LORD oh my soul. Bless His Holy name. The lyrics, arrangement, accompanyment, mix, etc. on this NEW CD are anointed from the heart of God. HE continues to speak, and I hear more of the prayers of the broken for a Redeemer to come in our final days then I do, "songs.". 10 years ago two guys doing harmonies, a guitar, a pianao, and The Call! HE is faithful...always. Stay empty, and dangerous.

Seeking HIS Face,
Randy Smith


new music sounds great .

Joe Burgess says:

Tory, it has been a blessing just knowing you! I wish you the best - you all are in our prayers! "Unashamed" has been in our player since I got it! Keep on praising him!

Brady b Bradberry says:

Your music is great, and touch people around the world. This last tour I did to Iraq I showed to a christian Iraqi that was working with us and he loved your music but the sad thing is he couldnt really share with anyone but us because of how extreme the muslims are in his country.

jasmine johnson says:

hey my name is jasmine i do not know you but hearing your music makes me want to know and be like your music is awesome it inspired me through out my doubts thank you and GOD continue to bless you all i love GOSPEL MUSIC because it is good to know us young people are really trying to reach the world with THEE GOSPEL of our LORD and SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST!

MeChelle says:

I LOVE you guys

micah dunn says:

im a youth pastor and lead worshiper from houston tx and i had a friend introduce me to yalls music, and i love it, i was wondering if i could get a chord chart for because jesus lives, i want to play it for my kids, and by the way, im origionally from la, up north but i used to go to a camp in deridder, small world

ramsey pickering says:

hey im from singer we met at mildale i wanted to get the notes to your song because jesus lives

Laura Hooks says:

You know I love you guys. God's hand is on your ministry and my prayers are always with you.I can't wait to see what God has in store for you next!

maverick may says:

hey its me from drycreek Tory(not really my zip code) email me at bye!

Melody Crabtree says:

I am your new #1 FAN!!! Tory you have an amazing voice. There is not many people that can draw me that quickly as YOU have. I hope that your talent can reach so many more people. You also are carrying a beautiful message to people!!! You are totally AWESOME!!!!

Jason Perry says:

Hey Bro, just thought I would drop a line or 2. Keep writing music that moves ppl. There is nothing more uplifting than to read all the comments of ppl that are touched by what you write. Keep being led Brotha!! And take care of my sister!!

jsbride says:

I will never to be able to express my thanks for the way that the Lord has used you to minister to me. I have listened to your Unashamed album numerous times during some very dark times this past year. It never fails to speak encouragement and Truth to my soul. Even today as I am about to get some medical testing done, your words have driven fear and anxiety from my heart. Thank you so much!

Normy says:

Go head......

Liz Haynes Garner says:

Hi! I love your music, especially "Here is My Life". My husband is working on learning your song. However, he is picking it out by ear and can't quite get it all down pat. We haven't been able to find the sheet music, chords page, or even the track. Will it be coming out sometime? We would like to sing it in church together. Can you help us? Thanks and God bless you!


Chloeee says:

I'm Chloe :D
I was at Dry Creek this year, my first time. I had a great time there and you guys were awesome :D
I got my bible autographed.
You may remember me.. I was the one who said 'Just you' to Spencer. Then Tori said 'Just you, Drummer boyy'
You might not remember.

Destiny says:

I love you guys!!!!!! I had so much fun listening to you at Dry Creek! Praise the Lord!

Russell says:

tori guys I just love your music it is totally awesome.

Kayla Pitts of Warren Baptist Church of Augusta says:

Hey!!!! O WOW!!! Yall were absolutely AMAZING at Revolution 09!!! I had a blast getting to know yall and having yall mentor me this week!! I can not wait to get to hear yall agian and to get to worship with all of yall! Spense!!... thanks for all the talks we had over the week they were so helpful! Ben... for making me laugh and teaching me about worship!! P Diddy for just being your awsome self and Tory for encouraging me in so many ways and always making me laugh about ronnie pin pointing me in the servie! Yall def taught our youth group how to truly worship!! Yall were all great and i loved getting to kow you!!! Thanks so much!
Love always,
kayla the girl who always had something to say and you never could interupt :)

Jamie Bessman - Warren Baptist Church Augusta says:

Tory and Guys, I just wanted to say how blessed we were to have ya'll at Revolution Week 2009. I have seen many bands over the years but I have never been touched by God's work as much I was this week. With you guys leading worship and Ronnie teaching God's word my life is changed forever. I know the youth really loved the music. On the way back to Augusta we listened to the cd and we sang "I AM" over and over. I hope that God will have our paths cross many more times. Love you guys and may God continue to bless you all.

josh manley says:

hey guys this is josh from the warren babtist church trip i just wanted yall to know that your music strongly impacted my heart and my walk towards god it was extremly amazing and moving to me and you can tell ben i will be there to see him at first babtist tuesday and i just wanted to say one more time that i love your music alot and i wanted to thank you for playing not for me not for the crowd not for warren but for the one al mighty god thank you so much tory ben preston and the cool drummer guy with the spiky hair i forgot his name but thanks

Junior Max says:

Hey Tory, remenber me? Its me Junior at Boa Vista-RR

robbie owens says:


Brittany Dowdle says:

I love your music it is so touching!
yall led me to a great relationship with god at Dry Creek Camp now i pray every night and read my bible! i will always remember you from camp it was the best i've ever been to!

Brittany says:

i absolutally love your songs... yall are a great band! i had the blessing of getting to go to Dry Creek camp on the week of June 22 and listen to you !! i absolutally will buy your songs for my ipod!

dave pettigrew says:

guys...i'm sitting here laughing. that video of Tory singing the new tune is fantastic. pure/raw emotion bro, i love it....keep up the work, can't wait to hear the new stuff......dave

Daniel Brickhouse says:

Dude, I was at Dry Creek last week, you guys did amazing. You have no idea how much God spoke to me through you guys. May God bless you all and continue to work through you and what you do.

Garrett Romine says:

dudes, great job at the creek this week. it was amazing. when yall get to mobile again i want u to hear the song i wrote tory. yall are beasts.

katelyn says:

i was at dry creek with my church and i loved the songs you played its like you changed my life with hosanna i love the songs and your band im gonna start listening to the songs a whole lot more

Ashley Helton says:

I just wanted to say what a blessing you both were this past week at milldale!! Thank you for serving the Lord boldly, you blessed me and my campers so much...looking forward to seeing you again in July-God bless you and keep you, Ashley

wesley franklin says:

Hey Tory and Sonny I really enjoyed getting to hear you @ Milldale this past week. Also enjoyed etting to talk to you. May God Keep On Blessing You.
I'll hit you up on facebook

Ken Tedesco says:

your music and website has been submitted to Christian Radio station K-Love.
Please pray that your music would be chosen to play

R says:

After finding this group a short time ago, I added most of the listed MP3s to my daily playlist. They are AMAZING - I find the message, melodies, and music absolutely fantastic! Am def looking forward to new releases in the future :-) Thank you Broken Vessels!!

robbie says:

i love there song im not in song about jesu and all that but this band is like rock.

Shana says:

you are the new topic in my county.
:)you came to common ground in perisburg and to my church in narrows.
You guys have some amazinggg talentt:).
Thank you so much for inspiring mee!

Troy says:

I love the song I AM and I loved your concert at Comon Ground 2009 in Pearisburg, VA. You all Rock. May GOD bless you and all the band members.

mallorie leidig says:

i luv your music!u played last summer @ preteen camp @ dry was beast

joanna fruhauf says:

You have a great sound! A touch like Todd Agnew! I love the lyrics and and style!

Anna says:

Hey guyI'm from North Jax. adn just wanted to let you guys know how great you did at our D-now! PS you should of heard the girls talk about how cute you guy were!!!!

Darrin DeJohn says:

I really like your sound. I have a praise band in the New Orleans area called "counting the DAY". I see y'all are out of Deridder, La. Maybe we can play some shows or festivals together. Keep up the great music!
In Him,

Aaron B says:

I stumbled upon your music while searching for songs to download with a free music download gift card I'd received. The first song I sampled was "Broken Vessel" and I was blown away, first by your musical sound and incredible vocals, and then by the powerful and moving lyrics. I had to get the entire album and I've listened to it over and over again.

I am on the worship team for my small church and I hope someday soon there will be accompaniment tracks available for some of your songs. I would love to be able to share your music with my church family with some music specials.

weilii says:

Hi. Wei Lii from Singapore.

Just wanted to write in to say that I stumbled across your music online and I love your songs. Great lyrics! Great tunes!

God bless. Am looking forward to hearing more of your music.

Cheyenne Black says:

I love you guys so much, I first saw you @ First Baptist Church of Callahan (Callahan, FL) for the youth event in 2008. I'm from River Road Baptist Church. (the church group who got up on stage with you and did that goofy song with you @ the youth thing!) You're going to be @ my youth camp this summer ( June 22-June 26 @ the Blue Springs Baptist Conference Center in Marianna, FL ) and I CAN'T wait.

sydney fritz. says:

hey guys ,
r yall comin to dry creek again. if yes im bringin' all of my buds with me. we love how u praise the lord like you do.if no boo_hoo.but you still rock.hope yall come .we'll be there!:)

Kenny Bourne says:

Hey guys,
Just wanted to let you know we've been missing ya'll at FBC Gillis. Hope everything is going great for ya'll. Keep going as the Lord leads and you will never go wrong. Love you guys!

Christie Schumacher says:

Hi. I found you while listening in. My hubby also has an indie page. Mitchell David.... I like your song. You have a beautiful voice. Powerful, unique and moving! God bless you!

sue white says:

I truly LOVED your songs & wish you much success in the future. Can you tell me also who sang Gone To Soon also. The Music for the Memorial for Caylee was perfect. Thanks, Sue White

Dave Wittner says:

I've been looking for a group to share a couple songs that I ve written. When I heard you guys on WAOY the other day I believe I have connected with a group that would do my song Will You Be Ready Righteously! Please take the time to give me an address to send you a copy. Thanks Much!

Evelyn Chaisson says:

K, you've succeeded in getting me addicted to this cd and now I can't wait for the new one to come out.

My goodness gracious, the lyrics as well as your voice, is so anointed. Just so you know, our home wakes up and goes to sleep with BV on.

Looking forward to seeing and hearing you at CGBC in a few weeks.

All Praise and Glory to the One on the Throne, Christ Jesus


Craig Whitaker says:

Hey Tory, Prayers are with you brother! How long you going to be in Nville? I'll be heading that way on Sunday and will be recording musicians beginning on Monday. Looking forward to hearing the new project but I'm not even close to being tired of "Unashamed" yet. How long a trip is it for you to the Ville? 6 hours for me and a time zone change that makes it 5 in and 7 home!

I will be praying for your work and the upcoming project.


OWA AWA says:

I love GOD

TCC Worship Band says:

Hey guys! LOVE the music... awesome!


Erin Hunter says:

Such a sad song, but such a hopeful song...I love it and this service is beautiful...Praise Jesus!!!

teresa smith hemphill says:

I lost my son almost 3 yrs.ago, he was 21 yrs old. I watched the memorial for Caylee Anthony and heard you guys sing, and the comfort the song brought to me was awesome. Even being a christian for many many years, I still feel very broken at times, and man you guys lifted me up through your music. I hope to be able to purchase your cd. MAY GOD CONTINUE TO BLESS AND USE YOU GUYS AS HIS VESSEL..

Karen fisher says:

Hey guys! How's the music thing going? Are you planning on going to the CIA summit??? I guess I had better calls my "peeps" to get some more voted before you guys start smokin' me!!! Ha ha!

Karen says:

Thank you for your music. I was introduced to you through a co-worker. God knew I needed your music at this time in my life. Continue doing God's work and may He continue to bless you!

Josiah Bedrosian says:

Thanks for the great music at Mega Wednesday you guys.

From the youth group at First Baptist of Brandon.

Eric says:

Hey, you guys were really good at the memorial service for Caylee Marie Anthony yesterday.

Patricia Rodrigue says:

Hey guys. My daughter and I were wondering if you were going to come home anytime soon? We live in Lake Charles, La. (Moss Bluff). Would love to see you. Also were proud to say "we love those guys!" when KPLC TV reported that Broken Vessels were asked to sing at little Caylee's memorial service. I pray that God will wrap his arms around this family and let them know that their precious loved one is safe in his arms. Life is so fragile.

Todd Lee says:

Hi im David Lee's brother. You guys sounded great at Caylee's memorial. Keep up the great work. Oh yeah, I run out of gas all the time. I just forget to check my guages. lol. Take care.

Todd Lee

Justin Self says:

Has Elayne made a deposit at the Porcelain Bank & Trust yet? Haha Luv ya muh brutha and be safe on the road.

Evelyn Chaisson says:

Get ready guys because ya'll are just about ready to hit the charts like never before!!!

The Lord definitely has His Hand In, On, and All Around your music & your ministry. The Holy Spirit can not & will not lie!!!

What a blessing it was to hear you "Live" and to finally meet you this past Sunday at Parkview BC.

By the way, Simon & I will be celebrating our 1 year Covenant Marriage Anniversary this coming April and we would love to see you guys there {and maybe even play a tune or two}, we'll let you know of the exact date, time & location soon.

Our Prayers are with you wherever you go. Stay Safe & Blessed.

Just another harvest worker,


Carol says:

Just wanted to say thanks for coming to Parkview and sharing Jesus with our students. They really love it when you come to lead them in worship.

Laura Gifford says:

I am wanting to purchase your first cd - Broken Vessels Live at New Hope. Can you give me information on how to do this?

renee---good buddy!!!! says:

hey you guys rock!!! i am so excited for you. when are u gonna out on something around here? take care and i love you guys!!!:>

Kaitlin says:

There are alot of ppl. whose life you have changed i hope ya'll keep up the work. you can add me if you want at

Bridget says:

Y'all blew me away with 'Broken Vessel'. I found y'all when I was searching for new music on eMusic and it's a good thing I was sitting cause I almost was knocked out! Then when I saw y'all were from here, I really went nuts! How could I have gone all this time without hearing y'all locally? May God continue to bless y'all the way y'all bless us with such awesome and inspiring music!

Evelyn Chaisson says:

My husband, Simon is from Grand Bois and ran into you guys a few weeks back. He was so excited when he got home to tell me about his visit and also to let me listen to his new CD.
I'm now enjoying MY copy of your latest CD 'unashamed" I can't say for sure which song is my favorite just yet because they are all so touching and inspirational. It's a tie between 'Broken Vessel' and 'Here is my life'.
I can't wait to let Simon know that you guys are coming to Baton Rouge and he'll be home from work the week ya'll will be here.
Keep bringing Praise to Him!!!

Just another harvest worker,
~Ms E~

lacey matherne says:

hey i also forgot to play the flute and i am the only one in the family that actually loves music. i was wondering how i got that musical talent and musical like-ness. *i've even considered that maybe i was adopted :) but maybe i got it from my dad's side...since you guys are into music also. i was kinda scared to persue music as a carrer (like being in a concert band-classical or such). i was kinda scared to because no one that i know in my family did that. but now you are and i'm not scared that much. thank you!
you probably don't even know me. lol. *your dad's my uncle...
luv u lots!

lacey matherne says:

hey guys!! i just wanted to say hey and you guys are so awesome! when you were staying over down in bourg when Aunt Loretta and Uncle Daniel had their renewing of their vows, my friend freaked out that you came down to his house just to say hey! lol. i love ya'll!

Brittany Nicole Verdin says:

Hey, I am Brittany Verdin I love your music!

Brittany Sible says:

Hi Guys. How are y'all? I hope you are doing good. Thank you so much for the encouragment at Lake Yale. I can't wait to go back. If y'all need anything, please tell me. I've got to go. Luv y'all and God bless, Brittany.

Elizabeth says:

Hey yall!! I love your songs. Yall are really great!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am your #1 biggest fan!!!

Dana Tock says:

"Here Is My Life" is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE SONGS. For me in this life on earth, that's a pretty long time. :)

karen fisher says:

Hey guys...I had such a blast meeting you all at the conference. I bragged about you on my blog. Please READ!!! :) Couldn't say enough nice things about you. LOVED your cd. Absolutely! were your comment cards?? Any digs on your songwriting? ha ha...
keep in touch~

Chris Buckalew says:

You guys need to get another song released so we can vote it onto the Top 20. Love ya'll and hope to see you soon.

wanda morris says:

my son went to the youth camp in dry creek,la and come back with such a wonderful love for christ. he told me he meet your group and fell in love with your music. keep up the great blessing god has given you. thanks for ministering to all thru your music

Aaron says:

You are great!!!!

Chase aka sparky says:

haha i love the two favorite bands the preteens loved

Jade Richard says:

Hey guys!!! Teen college last week rocked I'm so glad yall were there. Worship was AMAZING. Everytime yall play and luke preaches i can feel the God move Anyways I can't wait to see yall in a couple weeks at dry creek :] Btw Tory i love the hair cut and jace the sudoku race was fun Lol So keep up the good work and i love yall Peace Out!!!

P.s. I love the pic asking whether jace or the other guy is the native It cracks me up :]

Ray Gauthier says:

Hi guys , if you have access to a microphone, could you send us an artist shout?

“Hi this is BROKEN VESSELS and you’re with Ray and Adrian on Power Praise Radio”

lorraine moore says:

Dear Brothers in CHRIST, wanted to say you are aewsome! Sing with the
annoitng power of our GOD, for the upbuilding of his kingdom, and you will
always be BLESSED. ( I will bless your name at all times and your praise shall continually be in my mouth(which is your music to him) GOD BLESS, lo.

Grove Hill Baptist Church says:

Great Music

Heather Buzard says:

ur amazing!


Awesome!! Sound has no frontiers. Great work.
Lord bless you.
Pierre, Paris, France

Jason Lee says:

I got you cd "Unashamed" for Father's Day. It's your best yet! I'm still waiting for the "Dobadaba, Hey Hey" hidden track though. j/k
Thanks for showing some love for my brother Dave (Samuel David Lee) too!
I'm praying for you guys!

Jared Hilton says:

I LOVE YOUR MUSIC! Very talented i love all your music! I will for SURE buy your music!

Keep up the AWESOME work!



dave pettigrew says:

guys....thought you might want to know that i've had "here is my life" stuck in my head tonight & have been singing it around the house...the problem is that my kids don't want to hear me sing because i'm interrupting their watching of Barbie Mariposa on know're music has now interrupted Barbie :)

have a great night & thanks again for a great song....


Melisa Dardar says:

Hey been missin you. Can't wait to hear those new tunes you been workin on. I know God will bless on the next album just like He did for the 'Unashamed' album. Even though 'Unashamed' is brand new;I think it is so awesome how He is constantly pouring out into the vessels you have brought before Him. Empty and broken that only He can Heal and Fill. All in His timing, love you!

Patricia Rodrigue says:

"Unashamed" is awesome! My 11 year old daughter, her father and I all love it. We each have a copy and I listen to it at work and in the car. We were first introduced to Broken Vessels at Dry Creek Baptist Camp.

Memphis Jones says:

Excellence! You guys are doing it right! God bless you!

Steve Webb says:

What a great sound, or to be more precise, what great sounds. The quality of the vocals, the range of styles, and more importantly, the way the lyrics touch the heart, elevate this group to a very high level of excellence.

Thanks, guys, for sharing your gifts.

In Him,
Steve Webb
Lifespring! Media

Jesse Shuster says:

Hey guys,

I've seen your name around but never stopped to listen to what you're up to. I finally did this morning. Great writing and production. I think you got a great thing going. Let me know if you're ever out west.


Carrie Marshall says:

Hey, guys.
Thanks for the welcome!

I love your sound! Your songwriting is excellent, with great production and vocals.

I wish you all the best!

craig whittaker says:

Just wanted to give a shout to you guys for the awesome job you did leading worship at the Summit! Congrats on the Momentum Award and for letting us experience a small part of what you are doing for God. Continued blessings with your ministry.


enjoyed seing you at the summit. love the cd . already added HERE IS MY LIFE to the kbcu current list. you guys are doing a great thing.

Kerensa Gray says:

What a privelege to worship with you at the summit gentlemen! My spirit was lifted as He worked through you. Congrats on the Momentum Award...truly are officially in my top 10!

Della says:

Hey guys, Great meeting you in passing at the Summit. Congrats on the Award. Mostly congrats on your heartfelt worship. Love it--and of course--we all love you for being so open (and broken-ha!) to being Tom Jackson's master class for us all. BTW, God spoke to me through that pine tree illustration as it related to an image He had given me during quiet time a month ago. Keep worshipping. There is no greater joy!

Kerri from Crutch Field says:

Hey guys!! It was great to hang out with you at the summit. John and I have been going through a lot since we got home and your cd has really ministered to us! Thanks for being faithful to the call God has placed on your life! Hope to see you soon!!!1

Jason Pric says:

Hey guys, I'm trying to buy the Unashamed CD, but I it is out of stock now. Let me know when it's available. I want at least 1, probably 2 or more.

Scarlet Snow-Suzanne says:

You better sang it, Hootie. You have an incredible voice. I just had to say that because so many comments are made about bands and vocalists are overlooked. i really enjoyed the song that you guys did with Tom Jackson...GOOD bridge. Loved you guys.

Ken Lang says:

What an incredible time in the Lord we had as you led us into the presence of the Lord during our time of praise and worship at the CIASummit! There was absolutely no doubt that you led us all to the very throne of God!

dave pettigrew says:


thanks for the note & the kind words. glad you like the's been working in alot of lives which has been great. it actually was based loosely on the story of Jesus when he was choosing His disciples. Just walking around and picking the disciples saying "follow me", drop everything and go, don't go home, let's just go. i always challenge myself & my audiences with the question, if Jesus walked through the door today, would you go. no phone calls, no e-mails...just go.....compelling question....

anyway, thank you for leading us in worship on saturday morning it was truly outstanding and it was an honor to be in the male vocalist of the year category with you guys....

all the best & all for Him,

Bill Petty says:

Broken Vessels....I have to say how much I enjoyed seeing and meeting you at the Summit. I loved hearing what you do. Absolutely fantastic! Thank you for your heart and your love for God. I stood with hands and voice raised high in worship.

Your music is excellent, and Tory's voice is rich indeed.

Jace, great job on the bass, bro!

I hope that we have a chance to take the stage together in the future.

In His Grip,
Bill Petty

Cathy Reynolds says:

Do you guys realize, I can't fit into my brand new shirt, because the goosebumbs are huge and still there from listening to you guys praise HIS holy name! (and it has nothing to do with too much chocolate!) It has only to do with the annointing put upon you guys! GOD bless you so much. Love you!

Newcree says:

fantastic! got a new fan in me! stay blessed!

Anthony McLeod says:

Congratulations again on the Worship Artist award!! Great meeting you Jace. Keep up the great work.

Lo says:

Hey Guys had the pleasure of interviewing ya'll with ROn Meyers at WAOY/ AFR not too long ago...SO Glad your music is movin and makin believers and non listen to Gods message. Keep up the good work and give us a call when you want to jam remeber were in the neighborhood...Lo & Ken Leonard

Danielle Smith says:

i love you guys so much. its amazing to see how much this ministry has grown and how much it means to everyone who listens to the words in these awesome songs.. i was reading alot of these comments..God is using yall so mightly right and i pray that He continues to do so in the years to come. praying for yall always.

richard gill says:

Hey u guys are great im impressed. It's great to know people out there serving in faith. Your brother in Christ
Richard Gill

Kristi Hatten says:

Hey Sonny! Kale told me something about y'all being up for some awards...I definitely think its long overdue! I really want the new cd...hopefully i can get it the next time i'm home around easter, if not i'll find some way to get it...I love the music! God bless y'all in all y'all do!

David Theriot says:

Hey guys! I just wanted to drop you a line letting you know that we've been praying for you. I'm sitting at the student center at seminary and was blessed to have listened to your new CD all the way here(over an hour). Thank you for being who God has called you to be and doing what He has called you to do! I can't wait to see what God has in store for Broken Vessels.
Much love from the Theriot family! I hope to see you guys soon.

karlie lebato says:

hey i have not seen u in 4 ever Bill so hope to c u soon on my dad says hi

Tom Roane says:

Dear Broken Vessels band We really enjoyed you guys coming to our church we would absolutely love for you guys to come to First Baptist Church of Alvord Texas again. Congratulations I'am very proud of you guys for making the nominations. Have a wonderful day. Love-Tom Roane from Alvord First Baptist Church in Alvord Texas

Cherilyn Roane says:

congratulations on getting nominated, we highly like the broken vessels band. You guys should come back to First Baptist Church of Alvord Texas, If you guys ever decided to you,d have to let Ken herring the youth minister know. Love-Cherilyn Roane

Hayley Roane says:

I want to vote for all of you. I'm so glad congratulations you got nominated male vocoleist of the year.Love-Hayley Roane from first baptist church of Alvord Texas.

john davidson (More of You) says:

Hi Guys

Today was the first time I had heard you. I love "Broken Vessels" Very worshipful. It is my kind of music. I looked at your schedule and realized you guys need a lot of prayer. Thats what we are here for. If you are feeling a need to get refreshed in the presense of God I welome you to listen and soak. Many of the songs I wrote were done during some of the most intimate times I've ever had with the Lord. I will be praying for a fresh flow of the River and a outpouring of revival through your ministry.

Partners in ministry

More of You/ John

Jeff says:

Hey Broken Vessels,
It's moves me a little closer to Jesus when I hear your music.
God bless you and your music.

Evie says:

I was so excited when I found out you guys were nominated with me! I had fun meeting you last year and hope to see you again at the Summit this year. Congrats on the multiple nominations! You guys rock.

KK,Torilynn, Rylee, Haley, Elayne, & Skyler says:

Daddy you ROCK!!! We love u and we Love BROKEN VESSELS!!! We thank Jesus for all He has done.

Mandy Gibbs says:

Hey guys!! Billy and Mandy are proud of ya'll!! See you at Dry Creek this summer!

Regina Whitehead says:

You guys are the BEST!! Kaitlyn and I were listening to your CD just this morning. We like to sing along. I let someone borrow it so they can see how AWESOME ya'll are as well. Love ya'll we hope that we can see ya'll again at girls camp.....;)

yvonne dardar says:

praying that God will continue to use them for His glory.

rick dardar says:

ya'll rock!!!

Morgan Day says:

Come to Gulfport!!!

Laura Bragg says:

You guys need to come back to Virginia Beach. Our Disciple Now weekend with you guys was the greatest.

David Shoemaker says:

I was hoping to get our son Christopher your C.D (Broken Vessels) for Christmas, but it says you are out of stock on them. He has been to church camp the past two years, and your music has really made an impression on him. Thank you so much for your influences. God bless you during this wonderful holiday season.

Madison Groce says:

Hey I saw ya'll at Dry Creek ya'll were so uplifting and awesome!!!!˘ľ

Bettydean says:

hey, I'm Tabitha's sister, I've hered your music it's sounds great & I'm hoping that I get to go to Dry creak next year. I've never been there befor.

Callie says:

I thank yall so much God Bless I have so much to say but i have been typing all day! but gosh just thinking abut yall and listening to you music makes me wanna cry and lift my hands!! i thank the lord for putting you in my life thank you!!

Steve from Higher Calling says:

Hey, really enjoy your music! I added you as one of my top ten artists on our page. You guys rock!

Savannah says:

Hey ya'll I just wanted to say how much you just spoke to my heart at ETBE this past week! Thank you so much our whole church is keeping you in our prayers!!! Once again thanks!

Sarah says:

I was at the youth camp at ETBE YALL WERE AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i love yall I sat in the front row every nite.

Karli says:

Hi yall. My name is karli. I was at the Youth Camp yall just went to. At ETBE In Newton, Texas. Yall were absoulutely amazing. I just wanted to thank yall so much because yall were very good. Yall have been to my church before. Calvary Baptist in West Orange. Yall were better than ever. Thanks so much.


Melissa Leeann says:

I cannot explain to you how much your music is helping me. Thank you so much. And I will be seeing you at Dry Creek this summer I hope!
Love & Prayers

Cory Lynch says:

Hey Guys! I was a group leader at crossroads this weekend. Y'all rocked out. I can't wait to hear some new recordings. My favorite song of yours isn't on any of the CDs! Your original stuff was great!

Shawn from 7 Ways says:

Hey Tory! Good to meet you at the CIA Summit! God bless you guys and your ministry. Maybe our paths will cross again one of these days?!

Kevin Livingston says:

These guys know what worship is! They lead by the Spirit in a way that draws everyone to have a heart for worship. Kevin Livingston- Christian music booking agent



brian johnson says:

Hey love your music broken vessels keep up the good work. susie and brian

Sondra Georges says:

Jace good luck!! We voted for you

Denise Dovel says:

Hey Guys - Great music!! Congrats on your nomination, too!

Michelle Bordelon says:

Jace I am very proud of you.

Ashley Belt says:

Lovelovelove you guys! I'm buying your live album as soon as I have money. :-) Congrats on the top five! I voted for you!! :-D

Tamara Hunt says:

Awsome song

david crowder says:

Wow my heart is moved by your music. I am really impressed.

holli hinton says:

We love you and we hope the best for you

chris hinton says:

hey guys are prayers are with you good luck..

Heaven Sherman says:

I just love the Dardar brothers' families...Their music is an added bonus

Jouhn Borja says:

hey! it's jouhn your new IT guy. great music. keep up the good work.

Ralph Newman says:

Most inspiring group of Christians I have ever had the privilege to have heard!

Brian Walley says:

We enjoyed you guys at our youth revival at Prospect Baptist Church. I pray that God will continue to bless each and every one of you!

Sally Littleton says:

My girls and I were feel blessed to have been at the pre teen camp II and to enjoy such wonderful music. My girls could not stop talking about you all on the way home, an hour and 15 mins, it was incredible to hear their enthusiasim. Your group truly touched our hearts. God Bless you and your families.

Baily Monceaux says:

you were so good at dry creek you sing good I love y`all!!!....

Susan Martin says:

Hi. My son went to the pre-teen 2 camp at Dry Creek this week, and I don't know who was more touched by your group.... me or him !! I went to pick him up thursday evening, and we stayed for the worship service. I was thoroughly moved by the whole thing. So, I just wanted to tell you that you're doing a magnificent job for the Lord, and please keep up the good work ! God Bless, Susan M.

Melissa (Miller) Guillory says:

Hey you guys! Once again I enjoyed the worship this past week at BTS and you guys are awesome! Definately my favorite Dry Creek singers! God has blessed y'all tremendously! Hmm...I think y'all need a backup "Girl"! Just a Take care! Keep in touch!

Chris Shoemaker says:

I just got back from Dry Creek Camp and had a blast there. Broken Vessels really inspired me. I hope Sonny is doing better after his falling ordeal. Hope to see you again soon!! Chris Shoemaker---Oak Island, TX---Hankamer Community Fellowship Church

brittany winkel says:

hey you guys are great i really liked that yall played at the camp in in lousiana it was really great your music brought me closer to god thanx alot!!!

koby steed says:

hey i think you guys are great.....see yall at dry creek

monica seals says:

i would like to see a list of all your cds that yous guys have made because i would like to buy some

Lindey Cherry says:

I Saw you guys in Alto Frio for the Pre Easter Retreat. Your music is absolutely amazing!! I listen to your CD's everyday, Take All of Me and El Camino. You guys are truly genuine people and I'm thankful for the blessing of meeting yall. Keep serving Christ!!

Sarah Rollans says:

Loved alto-frio. Yall did great it was awsome. hope to see yall again.

Hilary Franceschini says:

Thanks so much for coming to Pre-Easter, its something I look forward to all year, and am really sad when the weekend is over! Your band really showed the spirit of God to us, and we're grateful!

scotty wheelock says:

i had a great time at camp i loved the music yall were alsome thanks so much for doing that

Heather DarDar says:

Just wanted to say Hi, and the music is wonderful. Of course, it has been since you'll were young. I am biased, since we are cousins. It's great!

Stephanie Benavides says:

"Shut Up". remember well just wanted to say Hi and I love the CD listen to it every day, well have good times and God Bless

Josh Brooks says:

I saw yall at Alto Frio and loved the experiance

carolyn(susie) johnson says:

you guys are awesome

Cynthia Yirsa says:

I just went to Nicaragua on a mission trip and worked w/ Open Eyes Ministries... I listened to one of Broken Vessels' CDS and I absolutely love it!! I love their blog about Hondorus!!

joseph soudelier says:

i love your music yall r the best



John Lee says:

I saw Broken Vessels in their hometown of Brooklyn,Ms, and they were "out of this world. Yall just keep rocking for Jesus!

Pam Shoemake says:

I go to New Hope Baptist Church in DeQuincy,Louisiana.This is the church broken vessels made their cd in.They are awesome.

Pam Shoemake says:

You are awesome!This means the broken vessels

Ashley Nolan says:

Hey, I go to First Babtist Church in Canyon and went to Impact just like Jacqueline, ya'll guys are awesome!!! I love your songs, they hold great messages!! ya'll along with Ronnie brought many of my best friends to Christ!!! Thank Ya'll sooo much!! Keep doing great things!!!

Jacqueline Butler says:

hey i go to First Baptist Church in Canyon Texas, and i went to impact and went to yalls concert and heard u all weekend yall are awsem i love yall!!!!! ur a great band yall inspired me and i accepted Jesus into my life

ashley elmquist says:

you rock

Dannon Webster says:

"Hey guys, last summer my buddy and i wenst to Frontliners and you guys lead the worship for us,. ever since then i have loved your music, your passion and the amount of fun and relaxation you guys ahve on stage while worshiping. You can honestly tell that your doing it for God and not yourselves which is completely awesome. I let my youth whorshio leader hear your cd and he lves it , but im goona talk to my dad and see if he likes the idea of your guys coming ot perform for our youth one night so i'll let you all no bout that later. But you especially have to play the songs Annie, Jesus you are the savior of my soul, Beautiful one and just a bunch more, thanks for your time and hopefully i'll get to see you guys again. God bless......

Tori Gay says:

Tory, thanks for the prayers - I lift you guys up, too!

Godfueled - says:

I love your material!

Danielle Smith says:

you guys are the best! i love yall bunches. im always praying for you guys. i pray that yall can continue blessing people through yall music. BV #1

chelsey stevens says:

The Broken Vessels are awesome. They are amazing and so sweet!

Cyndi Peden says:

I was moved to tears. I heard you for the first time at Ingalls Avenue Baptist Church. I had heard your music from my son but hearing it live was very moving and was truly a blessing. Keep up the good work.

Ashley Coleman says:

Wow! you guys played at my church tonight... Ingalls Ave. Baptist Church in Pascagoula MS. I think ya'll were awsome!!!

Dustin Berry says:

i like totally love u guys u all have real good songs

leah mercier says:

they were amazing. they moved me so much! Broken Vessels ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Laura Holifield says:

LOVE LOVE LOVE l-o-v-e LOVE Broken Vessels!!!!!!

Jay Broussard says:

You Guys Rock!!!!

Jonathan Berry says:

Love That Group. Through their Music it helped My Youth group Become closer to God and Become closer together as a youth group. Thanks Tori

Teri Melder says:

i was at dry creek also. broken vessels made me realize how much God loves me and i am now a LOT more devoted to him!! ya'll were awesome. p.s. thanks for signing my cd all of you. oh yeah and uh. thumbs up; elbows in....... duba daba duba daba duba daba he he.. THANK YA'LL for sharing the love of Christ with me. ya'll we're great!

Super Camper says:

Was at Dry Creek this week. You guys are great! All I have to say is, "Duba Daba Duba Daba Duba da He He"

Mike Callan says:

You guys have a "great" sound - continue to honor Christ!

aprille hall says:

hey u rock i love ur music

Silas Júnior says:

I saw them here in Brasil, and they are awesome!!

amber courville says:

yall are the best! keep it up

Allison LaBove says:

yall are awesome!!!

Molly Dardar says:

the annointing in your music is so wonderful it brings you in a place of worship right away ...

chelsey Stevens says:

Yah'll are the best Christian band I've ever heard of and I hope God continues to bless all of you so much.. Yah'll so deserve it because you all are so sweet!!:)

lisa thompson says:

Your music is great and inspiring

Chelsey Stevens says:

Broken Vessels is the best Christian band ever!!

Daniel Hickman says:

Loved both albums you guys are great. And I would like to thank you guys for all of your support through out all the years. thanks

Bennon Dougay says:

You guys are truly annointed! You are some of my dearest friends. Praise the Lord for what He has done in your ministry!

Jordan Crook says:

When I heard you play at FBC this past weekend I got so into Christian music! I had listened to Kathy Trocolli and some other groups, but you guys are my all time favorite!

David Montgomery says:

Ever since I heard you at our Youth Concert at FBC Boyd in Boyd, Texas I have become your #1 FAN! I have shared your music with everyone I know. Everyone in the Band is Awesome. Remember to reach for the stars as you look to the SON and GOD will continue to bless you in what ever you do in and for HIS GOLRY! And your rate should be 10+!

Alise A says:

you guys are great! i love your cd's

Hailee W, says:

Ya'll were the camp band when I went to camp in Louisiana this year, and ya'll were SO AWESOME! i hope that ya'll will be there next year.

Kat Pickett says:

Borrowed a friend's copy of "take all of me" and listened to it 4 or 5 times to Mississippi and back to Louisiana. Praise and Lift His Name! Cut Off, LA

Billy F. says:

Beverly and I were travelling to San Antonio last week and we plugged in our favorite cd of who else?, but Boken Vessels. You guys carried me through Houston which Bev can tell you, I really despise. I could just picture while I was driving ya'll singing and the joy it brings to you and anyone that is within hearing. It really gave me a peace that I needded to get through all that traffic. You are such a blessing to so many. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you and your families.

Tori Mitchel says:

I heard you on the radio and I loved it. Look forward to hearing you when you're around my house.

Kyla Pickrell says:

Just wanted to see if you guy had your new album out and rebuy the last one for my son who loves your musci! Kyla Miami, Fl

Brenda Schmidt says:

Love your songs you guys. I'm sure you bless a lot of people, you blessed me. Thanks

Kristi says:

Hi Guys: I had the pleasure of worshipping with you last night at the First Baptist Church of Alvord, TX ...the praise and worship was awesome. It was obvious that you are not there to entertain but to truly worship the Lord and give Him all the glory and honor. It's always fun to see a bunch of baptists get out of their comfort zone and raise their hands in praise to the Lord :) God bless you all!

Shantay Daigle (Corey's mom) Psalm51 says:

I just wanted to say PRAISE GOD for BV and for Bro. Gary @ Dry Creek BTS Camp. Just to let you know...our youth really committed to laying it all down on the altar when you guys gave the call. Sunday morning they literally laid it all down...Secular music CD's, movies, books, clothing, and much...much...more. Anything and everything they felt came between them and God. We played "Broken Vessels" and they sang and cried and dumped huge after box after box...we estimated over $2000 worth of stuff...including playstation games...and stuff I can't mention on the site. They dumped it all on the altar at the foot of the cross. GOD IS SO GOOD. After the AM service Sunday...we had a huge Bon Fire... They were so excited and cried because they had been set free. Please let Bro. Gary know. God through all of you...changed their lives. Our whole church cried...Praise the Lord!

Kelsey says:

hey i went to dry creek back to school camp and i wanted to say that you guys were awesome and i had such a great time worshiping with all you guys!!! i can't for next year!

Daphne says:

hey my name is Daphne and I went to the Dry Creek Back To School Camp and i heard yall and I just want to tell yall how awsome yall were. I hope one day I will get the opportunity to hear yall sing again.When I came home I told my mom how awsome camp was but i also told her how awsome yall were.

hannah says:

hi my name is hannah and i just wanted to write to say that i had an awesome time with you guys at camp and i really enjoyed the songs they spoke to my heart and had wonderful messages behind them and it was really cool when ya'll did meant to live i love that song but anyways i got to get going for now, thanks for the great time!

Daniel says:

Great sound Great ministry. Keep following Him.

Philip Latiolais says:

I have had the wonderful experience of being involved in your worship several times; I feel the presence of God everytime. Keep praising God. Thank you for your music.

Ted @ IH says:

Great job guys! Very worshipful!

Chaplain Ron Fields says:

I saw you in Boa Vista,touch thousands with the Gospel in music it was easy to preach God,s Word when Broken Vessels prepared the hearts with worship. I feel that God will have us work in the harvest together again!

Troxclair says:

We love your "message" through song...the Lord has heard our prayers to call young people to be totally sold out for Him...and you are!

Leah Clark @ IH says:

Thanks for helping me worship this morning! Welcome to the IH family!

Kenny says:

Broken Vessels music lifts me up continuously. And they are great in person. I've seen them 3 times.

Nate says:

Awsome vocals...Strong acoustic sound..Keep it up

Jason Mok says:

great voice

Enand Young "E" says:

Enjoyed spending the day with you guys,& Cassie ofcourse. The Lord is really speaking thru BV. We will keep BV in our daily prayer lives.

Melissa Miller says:

Of course a 10! Ya'll are awesome! I've really enjoyed getting to know you guys and believe that God has truly anointed y'all tremendously! Keep up the great work! Dry Creek just wouldnt be the same w/o y'all and now that I'm actually a "youth leader" now at a different church...we'll have that revival soon! Take care!

Garon says:

I just want to give a shout out to Bill. If it wasn't for you Sonny and Tory wouldn't stay on beat. Seriously, you guys did a great job when you all were at our church.

Kelly Miller says:

I know Sonny and Tory from way back, when they were singing "Bullfrogs and Butterflies" and "He's still working on me". I'm so excited about what they have accomplished, and pray that God will bless their ministry and families richly.

Haley D says:

That's Daddy!!!(age 2)

adam says:

Hey guys love yalls music i love yall live you guys are really blessed keep it up

Liz DarDar says:

I love your new cd. I listen to it almost every time I get in my car.

STEED says:

Your music, ministry, and friendship has blessed me and my family. Praying for your continued surrendering to the will of God in your lives. Love you guys. Your "Brother" in Christ. Tommy

Lee says:

I think you guys are awesome! I pray that God continues to blessed your ministry.

Rick Dardar says:

I tell them all the time, ya'll rock. God is really working in your lifes,because the music you sing. Love ya'll. Little Bro.

Enand Young "E" says:

I am excited that Christ is moving thru BV. I know He has alot more instore. See ya on April 25th @ Calvary

Alison Stevens @ IH says:

Wow. Great stuff! So glad to have you here with us! Be sure to join in on the boards...that's where the heart of indieheaven can be found.

Rodney P. says:

"I've known Sonny & Tory for many years now. I would reccomend them for any event, they really bring you before the Throne of God through praise and worship. I also can attest to the personal walk with the Lord which makes these guys the "real deal".(Oh yeah, and the can flat sing they're face off!)

James B. says:

I've had these guys at my church and their music is just an expression of their hearts. They have a passion to see souls saved and Christians draw closer to Him!

John says:

"Great lyrics. Your music is inspiring. Keep it up."

Joey Nicholson @ IH says:

Great music guys! Stop by the BB's when you can. Blessings on your ministry!

Dawn says:

"Just listened to your song"YOU ARE GOD"..Real nice music..You make a True Believer out of me."

Keith@Indieheaven says:

Welcome to Indieheaven Guys! Wishing you all the very best!

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