Ray LyonLATEST STATUS: New CD just released! Trinity One, a contemporary jazz trio with Jimmy Haslip (bass) and Bill Berg (drums)

Flee (from The Sum) says:

Wow!! This is some GOOD JAZZ!!! I love it!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! (And I'm a fan of Chick Corea, too!)

Flee (Felicity from The Sum)

Felix Weber says:

In one word "Blessed"! Ray, you proof that Christian Music can be so much more than what we often expect it to be. I'm blessed by your music. May your well never run dry.


Frank Villafane says:

Excellent! I love your music. Soulful, deep, has a professional "polish" that is not heard often with Indie musicians. My favorite piece is "Even Now A Glimpse"...I can only imagine what you mean with that title...maybe, a glimpse of the Holy One Himself? Great fretless bass (or sample)...absolutely beautiful. Tremendous you collaborate? Anyway, definitely will listen to more (and purchase your latest). Keep it up...we are listening...

Frank V.

Sal Calfa says:

Hi my name is Sal Calfa and I produce a podcast called Le Jazz Affair I found your music here and was wondering if you had any music that I could play on my podcast. Here is the link if you wish to listen to the podcast.


Kelly Eldridge says:

This stuff is extremely cool. - another Herbie fan

Cindy Cook says:

Great sounds. Love the smooth jazz - from a another NC fan.

Sandy Batchelar says:

Ray! If I could give you an "11" I would. I am a smooth jazz fan, and I've never heard Christian music like this! I played all four of your songs. What talent!

Steve Emma says:

Truly wonderful compositions and musicianship. I so often visit the secular realm for music of this quality, it's refreshing to find it from a brother in Christ.

Eric Biggins says:

Hi from a fellow North Carolinan, Great Stuff. I can't say anything better than what the other comments have said before. I pray the Lord blesses and propsers you as you do his work.

Rick Phillips says:

Wow! Mixed and sounds great!

Todd Smith says:

This is the kind of jazz that inspires me to seek to attain a higher place of musicianship!! Praise God for the revelation of worship he has given you...keep it coming!!!!

wes watson says:

Excellent! Wow - wonderfully done, excellently composed - Great stuff!

Dave Corsello says:

I have never heard any contemporary music performed in the name of Christ at this level. This is very, very special stuff.

Keith at Indieheaven says:

Excellent Job Ray!

greg troyer says:

awesome, ray- your musicianship is refreshing in a time where the bar seems to be steady falling

Ted@IH says:

Beautiful! I love your music, Ray.

Lorrie Rob inson says:

On the Smooth of the Hill is a beautiful piece. Rick's vocal treatment adds just the right feel.

Scott Seabock says:

Oh man ,THIS is some music I can cut loose and minister to the Lord with. Greeaat stuff!

Doug Gregan says:

Michael, this is beautiful writing, arranging, and performance. May the Lord bless and anoint you in greater measure and fulfill His will and call on your life. Blessings - Doug

Margie Walters says:

I Love in the Secret Place, very relaxing and inspirational!! Keep up the God Inspired Work Brother. In His Love, Your Sister In Christ

Ken Verheecke says:

I am beside myself... this is some great music and I will be forwarding this site to my friends. Well done ray!!!


great instrumental..fusion jazz w/ a purpose. can't wait to hear more.

dennis says:

Ray, I continue to enjoy both of your albums as do every one I have shared them with. Welcome to NC neighbor. Keep on praising the Lord with your talents and your heart.

Michael Morris says:

The Ripingtons and beyond. Great stuff.

paul bae says:

Excellent musicianship and beautiful playing... Play your instrument skillfully for the Lord!

IH Staff says:

WOW! Ray Lyon is an incredible musician who has revealed his passion for Jesus in his music. No words are needed here, Ray's music soars with energy. Some of the best instrumental jazz we've ever heard. Do yourself a favor, pick up both of Ray's projects!

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