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  Tricia ZodyLATEST STATUS: Check out the new You Are My God video!!!!

Bob Birkeneder of Sunday Mountain Music says:

Really enjoy your music! I wouldn't have heard you if it weren't for Indie Heaven. Good thing I signed up. Maybe God just wanted me to hear your God-glorifying music! Keep working for Jesus!

Rich Wright says:

Beautiful music and awesome lyrics! Howdy from Abilene.

David Wood says:

Hi Tricia...I am a fellow IH artist and ran across your page. You have very good music and and very nice, strong, voice. The video is very cool too. Keep up the good work.
David Wood

daniel chafin bryant says:

check me out!

Peggy Wilmeth Carr says:

Dear Tricia,
My favorites are: Hope is Alive, Sing of Love, All this for You, Who is Like You?, Rain Down on Me, Holy, Holy, Is The Lord, You and You Alone, Fly--It's nice to know you are a mom, too!
I will pray for your success in sharing the love of Christ!

Ryan Hughes says:

Congrats on winning the Inspire Songwriter's Conference! I enjoyed listening to your song. Keep up the good work, and may God bless your ministry.

Gina Middleton says:

Tricia, I can see why you won the contest! Love the song! Your music is an inspiration as well as your Bio.

Celeste Talley says:

Great song! Congratulations on winning the contest, keep up the wonderful work for Him.

GW - Fight The Years says:


Tunes sound really good! Great production and dig your voice. I'm trying to surf the site a little more and check out some of the other artists here! I'm going to point my wife towards your music - she will really like it!

Mike Westendorf says:

Congrats on the first place finish in the songwriting contest Tricia, you did a great job with You Are My God! You are blessed, pray God continues to pour it on in 2010!


Andrea Davis-Griffin says:

Wow, what a beautiful voice, thank you for sharing it here, Tricia -- keep up the ministry and keep blessing everyone around you!

Karen fisher says:

oooooh....look who made the staff picks! :) AND...Miss Thang happens to be numero uno on the top 20!!! You go, girl! :) hey...I'm gonna be in Houston in far is that from you? I'm going to Austin this weekend for an that anywhere near you? Ha Ha...I obviously don't do directions well! :)

Bruce with Six Days says:

Love your songs, very high energy. Plus love to meet another Texas artist.
What studio did you record in. Quality is great. Did you use your musicians or studio guys? Budget? Reason for asking, we can definately tell the difference in quality of recorded sound between ours and other artist like yourself. Our budget consisted of a few donations and the rest out of pocket at about $5K. Love your voice.

Steven Coy Cook says:

Love your new song, "YOU ARE GOOD". Always love listening to you sing. Take care my friend.

mary s says:

Tricia, This is heaven sent. It not only speaks my heart of love for the Lord in a way I cold never express on my own but it also confirmed a word i had for my precious daughter in love. I praise the Lord for the talent He has given you.

Monique Martinez says:

Tricia, What an amazing voice the Lord has given you. Your songs are such an inspiration. May God continue His hand of favor upon you.


karen fisher says:

Sooo...why isn't my name on your top friends list, eh???? huh??? I am sooo taking you off of mine! (LOL)
p.s. But still put mine on yours. :)
Oh wait...this is for comments, not messages...ok...
you are the bestest singer everrrrrrrrr

Lisa Moore says:

Hey, Tricia!
I saw you perform in Jan's coffeeshop (The Richmond Coffee Station) a few months ago!
I am now the Worship Coordinator for my church (Parkway United Methodist in Sugar Land) and we are in between worship leaders at the moment. We book worship leaders for each Sunday and I am looking for leaders for November 2, 9, 16 and 23. Are you available for any of those dates? I'd love to have you here!

In Him,
Lisa Moore

Eric "HillbillyGQ" Edwards says:

I really like the song "You Are"! Congrats on the #1 for the last couple days!!
I hope to be on this site very shortly myself.
Looking forward to the next one...
Love in Christ...
Eric "HillbillyGQ" Edwards

Mary Willis says:

I LOVE your music. It is so uplifting. "You Are" captures who God is!
Mary Willis

Debi Mogab says:

Tricia - I am SO proud of you !!! I have been blessed by your music since I met you. Now the whole world can be blessed by your ministry, too! It will be so exciting to watch as God's plan for your ministry unfolds. Your life, your testimony, your love for the Lord and your calling to minister to His people are all inspirational. I love you! Debi Mogab

mary schmerker says:

I can't wait to hear some of your newest songs on this page. You are so sensitive to the movement of the Holy Spirit, HE works through you to touch hearts for HIS kingdom.

Joel Buckner says:

Hey Tricia thanks for welcoming have an awesome voice! Please lets keep in touch. Hopefully we can do some work together soon! God Bless You!

Kerri Crocker says:

Loved your sinner's prayer!!! Thank you for sharing that. I hope everything is going ok with you... I'm praying for you.

Mary Schmerker says:

Your music touches my heart and calls me to worship our Lord. Thank you Tricia for lisstening to our Lord and then using your God given talent to express what HE gives you.

Kathy Huebner says:

Wow! Congratulations on making #1 in the top 20 in just one day! God has really blessed you with a beautiful voice. Your CD is awesome. I love this song and the entire CD! (My favorites are Coming Closer and Holy, Holy is the Lord -- but they're all good!.) Great job, Tricia!

Kathy Huebner

Sandra Boyd says:

I CANNOT this song out of my head. I've got my grandson Elijah (Age 6) humming along in the car when it's playing. Keep making this wonderful music to praise our Lord and Savior. I love it!!!!!

Dede Harrington says:

I am continually blessed every time I go to this website and am blessed my these songs that God has given you. Keep letting hime speak so we can all be enter His presence.
God bless you,
Dede Harrington

Kathy says:

I have this CD and there's not a bad song on it. What a voice! What talent!

Lisa Helder says:

Praise God for your music and your testimony! May God bless you as you continue to touch hearts for Him! Thanks so much!!! Lisa Helder(Giving Back)

Mary Willis says:

Your CD is awesome! I am so proud of you and so happy to be serving with you in Merry Ministries.
Much love,

Andrea C Parker says:

Tricia! How are ya! I love your music! I love the spirit I hear from it as well. Excited about meeting you in person, and working with you with songwriting!

Brad Irons says:

It was great meeting you this weekend at the festival. You have a great ear for harmony and now I've had a chance to hear your own music. Absolutely wonderful!!! May you be blessed as you are a great blessing to others!

Kim Little says:

Tricia, Love You Are. May our Lord and Savior keep blessing you and your music ministry.

Steven Coy Cook says:

What an absolutely beautiful singing voice you have. I love your music, and will play it on a regular basis. You certainly have a new fan here. You got my vote.

Steven Coy Cook
IH member

Drew Davidsen says:

Nice songs! I love "You Are" have an awesome day! :-)

(smooth jazz drew)

carolyn harrison says:

awesome voice - love your music. got the link from cindy martin-nez.

michelle may says:

Tricia Zody has a beautiful voice and sings with emotion. Love It.

Keith Mohr says:

Welcome to Indieheaven! I love your music!
I wish you the best in your music mission.
Keep up the great faith-work!
Keith Mohr

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