Matt KeesLATEST STATUS: Excited about my 2 new projects... i am Yours... and Hot Air Balloon - Kids Worship

Nicole Hatch says:

Hi Matt,
Great song! I was checking out my friend's song on here (Carrie Marshall) and saw your name!! A flashback to PLU days in the "Cave". Good luck with the music!!
Take care!
-Nicole Hatch (Fernald)

scott riggan says:

Hey Matt! I've heard "Moving" on the Top 20, and I thought "man, that sounds just like Brenton Brown..." I finally clicked on your name and realized it was THAT Matt Kees. :-) Diggin' your tunes, bro...

John Lang says:

Great Songs!

Celeste Talley says:

Hey Matt, your songs are great worship songs. i picture you using them a lot in your ministry to Him. Keep up the great work.

Keith Mohr- President/Indieheaven says:

Matt, wonderful to have you with us! Love your songs, what a gift you have been given and that you have invested in!
Keep up the excellent faith-work!

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