Brandon HixsonLATEST STATUS: Check out some tunes from my upcoming album!

Jo'King says:

Watching your promo video, I was really moved, and enjoyed your music tremendously. Thanks for sharing! God has placed an anointing on your life."Where Words Fail, Music Speaks". Jo'King

chris Carder says:

Hey I was just listening through the Top 20. Only By His Grace stands out for me. Great song, great production. The lead vocals reminds me of Phil Keaggy. Great song guys. God bless you!

Bobby Garringer says:

We play some of your tracks at Diamond Valley Young Christian Radio (

Could Brandon record and send a short ID/Promo in which he identifies himself by name "of Racing Gravity," then mention Diamond Valley Young Christian Radio and, finally, give the best place of contact for your music on the web?

Duke White says:

Hello this Duke White With I am requesting Music servicing from your organization please email your music to if you have any questions please call may contact me at 757-641-5229

Paula McQueen says:

I am the Director of Child Sponsorship for India Gospel League (IGL), a faith-based 501(c)3 ministry that reaches the lost and cares for the poor in India. IGL is an indigenous ministry that has been in existence for 60 years and has planted more than 60,000 churches. We are interested in partnering with your band to promote our Child Sponsorship Program while helping you bring in more revenue, allowing you to share your musical ministry with more people.

The concept is simple: we would provide you with a number of individual child profiles and a video to be shown just before intermission. For every sponsor acquired, you receive $75. For example, if you acquire 10 sponsors we pay you $750.

Sponsors have the unique opportunity to holistically change the life of a child forever. They will be personally connected with a child living in one of 18 IGL children's homes. They will write and pray for their sponsor by name. The child's care includes:

• family-style living
• Christian house parents
• nutritious meals
• medical care
• education

Additionally, sponsorship enables IGL to share Christ with the child’s family through exposure to the gospel, medical care, literacy classes, women's groups and more.

For more information about our holistic approach to ministry please go to
Please contact me directly if you have questions and/or are interested in pursuing this opportunity.

Paula McQueen

Mi ckey Rosenfeld (Stronghold) says:

Just listened to Love Remains.... awesome song and arrangement. May God shower your ministry with His blessings.

Karen Sweeney says:

I Love It:-)

Kathleen/Nevaeh says:

Thanks for sharing great music. Love that song Don't Give Up On Love.

anita ivete ferrer says:

Hey Brandon, OH THAT VOICE!!! Such soul. We have to do a duet together! Voting 5 stars for your awesome songs on FAN FAVES. Keep up the great work. LOve it.?

Celeste Talley says:

Great video Brandon. Wonderful message and vocals to match. Thank you for sharing. Blessings to you.

Mark Cable says:


Your newer stuff is sounding GREAT!!! Keep it up.


Matt Hybarger says:

Thanks Brandon... Love your music bro.

Let me know next time you are singing up here in DFW and I'd love to check it out.


Tim Juillet says:

Only By His Grace- Great song!!! Really enjoyed listening to it, & gave it 5 stars all the way!

Michael Hiskey says:

Hey Brandon,... Really dig "All Because of Grace". Keep it comin',...

kim krenik says:

man what a voice!!! just heard something real and LOVE IT. Not many people can sing like that...what a gift!


Im still waiting for a cd or a link to put your other tunes up on Rockzion Extreme Radio. Dennis: Rockzion Records


SOMETHING REAL----- man talk about great song I LOVE IT.

Erica Baker says:

hey Mr.Hixson , i LOVE that new song of yours "Something Real". btw, i'm trying to start a "garage band" (lol) and i wanted to know if u had any tips.
BTW.... I'm the drummer and sometimes the singer. we also have two guitars who double as singers too and we have a extra percussionist who does tambourine, or wooden blocks as needed, and our name is either gonna be "P!nk Slip" or "Kat Curry and the Musical Three" i like the first one better, but i told them that i needed to ask you first. Well, i love you all, and good luck to your band, and pray for us to make it in the Music World. (lol)

Gwendolyn Rene' says:

Hi I really like your song "I SURRENDER". Do you own the rights to this song?
My husband and I have the internet radio station WWJB on
God Bless You.

Cyerra Gage says:

luv you guys!!!!!!! and brandon luvs the 80's music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

email u later!!! luv always cyerra : )

cyerra gage says:

miss yall how u doin'? im fine!!!!!
i hope i see you soon!!! Hey i got in U.I.L.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ur cousin cyerra: )

anita ferrer says:

passin thru on the FAN FAVES charts. Said it before and i say it again. what a voice you have ! how come you guys aren't on the top 20 STAFF PICKS? wonderul music.

Joel says:

Goodbye rocks! You guys are a prime example of "different is good."

Bruce Tithecott says:

Come to Lakewood, Bruce

Rachel Keagy says:

Hey Brandon,
How are things? Happy new year to you.
What are your plans for 2008?
I hope we will run into each other some time this year.
Blessings ~Rachel :)
P.S. my new CD is almost here...end of Feb is the date

kerri crocker says:

Hey Brandon,
Thanks for stopping by my page. Love the name Splendorleaf!!!
Keep being a blessing to so many!!!!!
Grace and Peace,

Kim Krenik says:

Your songs and voice are amazing. Thanks for your kind comment about The Lion. It'd be fun to do a cowrite and duet sometime. :0)
Blessings through you as you serve Christ with your gifts. ~KIm

Joy Davis says:

This is all so AWESOME, You Guys! Thanks for sending us the link, Brandon. The music of God Fueled is great, and I'm so glad you're dedicating Splendorleaf to Bobby's memory. God bless y'all and wishing you much, much continued success.

In Christ,
Joy Davis
Life Ministries Evangelistic Association

anita ferrer says:

hi brandon,
wow...songs sound great. your voice is wonderful. nice range and texture. music is also unique, not the generic, CCM. you know us "artists/fashion designers" we love the unconventional...anyway just stopping say i enjoy listening to your voice...i could listen to it just a capella:) hugs my fellow vocalist,

Erica says:

Thanks for checking out my new tune. God's blessing on you and your music minsitry!

kerensa gray says:

Brandon, Nice sound. What's in this love is the best!

Keith@Indieheaven says:

Guys.. checking out the new songs..
Im very impressed!
Good writing, the engineering and producing are very good!
You are doing a GREAT job!
Keep up the excellent faith work and keep pushing!
Keith Mohr

Andrea C Parker says:

Just wanted to drop by and say "HELLO!" :)

kerry skinner says:

hey hixson and friends just wanted to say hi!!!
well hixson keep in touch with me plz

luv ya!!!!!!!!!!!

luv always kerry

Stephanie Pullin says:

Hey Hixson I love your song Compass, it's my favorite. Keep rocking

Debbie L. Rice says:

Brandon, Thank you so much for having us out at your festival! You guys are so Great!! (And thanks for adding us in your top 10, too! ) I really love your music, and I hope you keep making more, in whatever direction the Lord leads you. Your sincerity and devotion shine thru your music. You are a gift! Love ya!


shelly wilson says:

Hey guys, still relishing in the worship moments at One Mission, One Voice! Thanks again for letting me take part !

Andrea C Parker says:

Just wanted to say "THANK YOU!" for allowing me to sing at your One Mission, One Voice weekend! It was such a blessing to me and my family!!

Rich Wright says:

Hey Guys! Great music and ministry! Thanks for your encouragement for my music too. Blessings from across TX!


Mike Jefferson says:

Picked up one of your cds last week in Corsicana - cool songs! I hope to see you at the Festival in May.

Mark (Flight Theory) says:

Cool stuff, I especially like the reverse work on \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Building Bridges\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" you are really talented, keep buidling on what you have...

shelly wilson says:

Hey guys, Yall are awesome! Press on in Jesus Name!!

louis hixson says:


Stephanie Pullin says:

Great job Hixson!

Bill French says:

Good Luck you guys...We love you and keep singing his greatness to the world....

Tyler Hays of Crossed Out says:

Great stuff! I voted for ya'll on the charts. 5 stars!

Janelle Ross says:

You guys sound amazing! Your lyrics are touching with a beat that makes you want to dance, it makes for an incredible combination!

Bizzy Bender says:

what a great voice! Cool song about your mom - blesssings to you

Sammuel Walker says:

You guys are great.!

Jennifer Shaw says:

Hey, guys, really enjoying your music. Brandon, thanks for your message, and I'm sorry about your mom - that is very hard. I did my grad work at Manhattan School or Music - thanks for asking. Sorry I missed your note for a while, but keep up the good work praising God - I know you make Him happy.

Drew Davidsen says:

Hey guys! What a cool sound. Love the sax. Keep up the good work.

steph pullin says:

great job the lead singer,Brandon Hixon, is my band teacher. i live in the same town as them. we march to a song for mama(i know you\\\'re out there). Go mr. hixon and Godfueled

Karen Kennedy says:

Wow, love your sound, and what a voice! God bless! Karen M. Kennedy

Tammy Arceneaux says:

You guys are awesome. God has richly blessed you with an amazing talent. Groovin', movin', and soothin' for the soul! Peace and Blessings, Tam

Shirley Ellis says:

Awesome music! Very distictive one-of-a-kind sound. Nice vocals & percussion!

Rupert Tripp, Jr. says:

Thanks for stopping by Brandon and for those kind words. God's best to you and Godfueled!

Michael Hiskey says:

Your music transports to another place and time. VERY COOL STUFF!!! Love the photos too! De ja vu settings for a midwest boy like me. Keep gettin' it!

Crimson Clay says:

Awesome praise!! Keep up the great work for the Lord it makes Him smile!!

Martyn Casserly (Glass Darkly) says:

Hey guys, like the 80s vibe - it's cool!

Larry Carter eleven59 says:

Great Music

Susan Micah says:

Great stuff - full of energy! Keep up the great work!

Diane Sullivan says:

I really like "Prayer of Wings", what a beautiful message! Keep up the great work.

Jennifer Williams says:

Godfueled Rules! Keep up the great work and I know you'll make it to the top! Rock on Mr. Hixson!

Becky Lewis says:

your so awsome Godfueled!!!! LOVE YOUR SOUND MR.HIXSON!!

Terry Wilbanks from \"The Wilbanks\" says:

Such energy! Rock on! I'd love to hear you live. Great to be on Indie with you all!

Tim Jacobi-Shout120 says:

Love the sax, nice vocals, May the Lord Bless Your Ministry continually!!!

Shannon Cooper says:

Very retro!

Jason Scharschmidt says:

Nice Sax work, Me likes. Good Job!

Christy Sluyter says:

Good job! You guys are awesome!

Lance Harring says:

Wow - what a great shot of you guys in the Sunday Waco Paper - IN COLOR! I checked out your music and I am really impressed - love the sax work!

Cathy Reynolds says:

I love the "Why Me Jesus"! You guys rock. "GOD" Bless Ya!

Waylon Sharp says:

I saw you at the festival last week. Nice job!

Laurie Sterling says:

I love your sound! Great saxophone. Keep up the great work for the Lord!

Debbie Rice says:

Thanks so much for all your work at the Music Festival! You guys were awesome! You worked all day, organized everything, and still managed to sound GREAT at the end of the day! We sure hope you invite us back next year...we had a blast! Thanks!!

Matt MacPhail - News At Eleven says:

LOVE "Prayer of Wings" -- so cool!

beth lewis says:

yall are doing a great job. keep up ur great job


i see that you have dropped to #16! dont worry you will get back up there soon!! YOU ROCK GODFUELED!!!!

Gayle Lewis says:

very nice work on this song i like the words to this song. Godfueled rocks!!!

Kyle Mitchell says:

I really like the 80's feel to your music - good job!!

Kerri Crocker says:

Thanks for using your talents for Jesus! He is smiling on you!!! If you ever come through Texarkana, let me know!! Matthew 5:14-16 Shine for Jesus!!

Levy Dickson says:

Nice job!

Nicole Angel says:

Lovely, voices and melody!

Taylor Sharp says:

I read an article about you in the "Exlpore" magazine - very nice work guys.

Ginger Mimms says:

Wow - I like your new song Prayer of Wings - it's a totally different style than Why Me, Jesus!

Jennifer Abbott-Sharp says:

WOW! Awesome music. Can't wait to hear more. God bless.

Rebekah Lynn Lewis says:


common destiny says:

Hey Y'all, thanks for the comments and rating! God Bless, common destiny

Rhonda And Sarah says:

Brandon and the Band...Sarah and I vote for you everyday! We Love the CD we got from you and listen to it all the time!!! GODFUELED IS AWESOME!!!!

c o r b e t t a says:

love your sound -- keep doing what you're doing. also, thanks for the comp. on "secret place!"

Jeff Marks says:

Love your style!!

Rebekah Lynn Lewis says:


Threads Music says:

Great music, great sound and great hearts. Continued blessings!

Denise Phelps says:

This music is awesome!

James Franklin says:

I saw these guys in Dallas last year. The lead singer played sax! I thought it was odd until I heard him play. He rocked!

Bradley S. Cobb says:

Thanks for your encouraging comments. I listened to your music and it really sounds great. Continue to serve Him! Blessings.

alex olivera says:

Hey thanks for the comments. You guys sound good. Maybe we can do something together sometime.

Jenny Mason says:

Nice 1980s sound! Good luck.

Tony Ricks(of Judgment Day Ready) says:

Awesome stuff. Great message. Putting God first will make you LAST!!!! as in eternal

beth Lewis says:

good song.... great job

Tori Gay says:

Brandon, Thanks for the encouragement on "Higher Place". I'm glad to see "Why Me, Jesus?" doing so well - it's a very good song!

Thomas Wollman says:

Keep on singing and praising God!

Carol Smith says:

I heard a song by you guys called "Im just beginning to learn what your love's all about" on KAZ radio - I thought that I might find it here! I loved it!

Samantha Sullis says:

Sheter of the Shadow is really cool!

Jennifer Williams says:

I love their music,it's really good. I think they've touched alot of people.

Richner Charles says:

Very good

chris price says:

they did a great job!i love the sax solo from "qauterflash"

tommy carson says:

I have known these guys for years, I am proud to see God use them in such an extraordinary way. Love yall always.

Ashley Dickinson says:

your songs are really great

Linda Sampson says:

I saw these guys a few years ago in the central, Texas area. I thought they were great. I am glad to hear their music is being played on the radio.

shelby hatfield says:

hey i think u guys r sooo awesome ! ! god bless u

Rebekah Lynn Lewis says:


louis hixson says:

god bless

Karen Creel says:

Love the sound. Keep rockin for the Lord. Welcome to the Indieheaven family.

Stephanie Pullin says:


Jay Walters says:

Super retro rock sound, and great message!

Cheryl Shaw says:

Awesome song and awesome band! What a wonderful way to spread His Word! God bless you all!

louis hixson says:

proud of yougod bless

hayden hatfield says:

You guys rule!!! I have everyone of your cds. Ya'll are an awesome band of GOD!!!

Alice Newton says:

I heard "Prayer Of Wings" on the radio and had to look you up! Congratulations and keep up the good work!

Lisa Scruggs says:


Patty McCormick says:

Sounds wonderful!

Traci Hawkins says:

You guys are AWESOME! Good luck and God Bless you all.

Patricia Morales says:

I love it . God Bless You all . Good luck Preston and Brandon.

Janet Daugherty says:

Inspiring! Hope to hear you on KLTY soon!

Courtney Foley says:

I love it. I wish you all the best of luck in all you do and God Bless!

Naomi Thomas says:

You guys are wonderful,will let all my friends know about this website

Jonathon Fowler says:

Good sound... looking forward to seeing you rise in the charts

Lori Delamrter says:


Lysa R says:

Your voice is AWESOME!!!

Mark Ivins says:

Sounds great! I really liked "Prayer of Wings". God bless and keep up the good work!

Dave Mansfield says:

I saw this band do a \\\"Half-Time Show\\\" at a Powder Puff Football weird as that sounds

Rebecca Lambert says:

What a cool band director! Mine could barely walk much less play sax hooks during instrumental breaks at a rock concert.

Rebekah Lewis says:

Very Nice Work GodFueled! Keep up the good work! i LOVE this band! yeah!

dustin griffith says:

Great song must hear!!!!

Monica Pinnick says:

Beautiful song and so wonderfully done! You guys are great!!

Shawn B says:

Love the music and your message!

Stephanie Pullin says:

This is an awesome song! Mr. Hixon is my band teacher.

Shamica Thumper says:

love it

Tony Thomas says:

You can hear Godfueled on KAZ RADIO @

Margy Dier says:


Ernest Tarry says:


Richard Stamper says:


Tyler Green says:

I lOVE this song!

shelby hatfield says:

i love godfueled they are so awesome !!

Travis Roberts says:

Great stuff!!! God bless your ministry!!!

carole fulghum says:

This is awesome!!!!

Jon Stewart says:

This is a really cool song with a great melody and catchy sax solo. Like to hear this one on my local radio station!

Susan Young says:

So he's a soul reaching, sweet singing, sassy sax playing band director who just happens to be at the top of the charts with a rock staple about Jesus. OK - so what school district doesn't have one of those?

Chyenne Gage says:

Ilove this band thanx 4 insiping every one to be the christians they are today!

colt krnavek says:

Godfueled is awsome

T Maxwell says:

Very wonderful music. Keep up the good work.

Franklin James says:

I was surprised to hear this song on your countdown. I thought that I had stepped back in time to 1982! That sax hook reminds me of Rindi Ross Of Quarterflash. Those were the days. I give it a 10! Great sound! I can't wait to hear more.

Rachael Savage says:

I love this band! Great songs from GREAT looking guys!

Dusty Campwell says:

I have been watching your song on the charts for the past week and I see that you are now in the top 20! Super. This song needs to be up there. Rock On!

Sherri McLaughlin says:

Fantastic sound! love your sound

Carolyn Richardson says:

I listened to Lord, Reign in Me...I loved the total package... the words and the music... Going back to listen to more!!

elizabeth lewis says:

what a great job yall. yall going too be number one soon

Sarah Lyons says:

Listen to this =) Great song

John Etherage says:

Best Song!!! Its goin to number one!!! Must Here!!!

dustin griffith Griffith says:

Great song!!! Loved it!

Shelly Johnson says:

You guys are terrific!

Ashlee Simpson says:


Barbara Higgins says:

Listened to Integrity of the Heart. Thought it was beautiful!

Tray Samuel says:

WOW - I love the sax and guitar work!!!! Coolest sound I have ever heard. You guys are awesome!!!!

cj fulghum says:

I love this group I think you should be at the top in no time

Michele Black says:

You guys are wonderful and we love ya!

Janice Collier says:

Very good loved it. Keep up the good work.

Gina Laughed says:

I'm so glad to have 'discovered' you! :) Excellent tunes you got here! Love it!

Candy Canfora says:

awesome song....kudos to the group

Levi Darby says:


Jon Cunningham says:


Gayle Lewis says:

Congrats you guys keep up the good work... TAKE IT TO THE TOP GODFUELED!!!!!

John Blacksmith says:


Tyler Green says:

Waz Up my Teacher! This was awsome.

Shawntee Warden says:

Brandon is my twin brother! Thank goodness I got all the looks!! I am so proud of him!!!!!

Rhonda Shildt says:

Im gonna start a FAN CLUB! I have been touched and Blown away by your Music!! AWESOME,PHENOMINAL TALENT!!! I wish I worked for a MAJOR label Id be a fool not to sign you!!!

Jonathon Fowler says:

Good luck, I enjoyed listening to your music.

Leti Hernandez says:

Good Luck!

Steven Hernandez says:

Good Job Keep it up!

Manuel Romero says:

Great Job Guys!

Phylicia Younger says:

Good Luck You Guys! Best of Luck from the Class of 2006!

Nick Warren says:

Hey that is my teacher and he is good

John Thompson says:

I love you guys!!!

Cameron Shaw says:

You guys rock! Keep the 10 's coming and maybe ya'll can make it to the top just like the band is doing! Because of me!

Rebekah Lewis says:

Good Luck! Moving it to the top!

Jessica Smith says:

That's awsome that ya'll got this far....hope to see you go further!

Jon Huber says:

I love this music!

Tyler Green says:

You ROCK!!!

Kyle Golden says:

Hope you do good!

Andrea Mendes says:

Good Luck!

Angie Mann says:

This is Samantha Weed's Mother, Good Luck with this!

Patty Romero says:

Good luck! 06 is the year!

Manuel Romero says:

Good Luck Guys!

Daniel Cope says:

Cope is cool, a little bit anyways.

Kristy Durado says:

Look how much I love you guys!

Elizabeth Romero says:

Good Luck!

Cammie Pants says:

This is Kristy G. again! The '06 lends you it's luck!

Kristy Golden says:

Go you guys! That is so awesome to see you on here... I hope you get more. We are getting our whole Multimedia class to rate you a 10!

Patty Romero says:

Good job guys! Im am so proud to have Brandon Hixson as my band director.:)

Mitchell Williams says:

They Rock and Brandan Hixon is my band director yeah

blake savoy says:

this band is awsome yeah baby

Heather Osborne says:

Love you guys!

Brad Dancer says:

Godfueled ROCKS THE HOUSE>>>>>

Karen Sweeney says:

I think this is a wonderful song, and these artists have a very bright future:)

Karen Hixson says:

Cool website!!

Becky Wright says:

Awesome, passionate song! GREAT voice on that lead singer!! The instrumentation is outstanding, too, but I'd put the vocals up a bit more in the mix to not struggle to hear the great message! KEEP it up!! God bless! Your "IH sister" from Oklahoma, Becky Wright

Solomon Ivey says:

Good Band, I used to play with them.

MyKey K - IH Piano Pyro says:


Charles Robin Kilgore says:

Brandon Hixson, the lead singer and saxophone player of GodFueled, first with his positive character showing through on the internet, and then his music, has been an inspiration to me, along with his wife Karen and baby boy Caleb Evan Hixson. May God bless GodFueled and provide the opportunity to get their music played and make it available to everyone. Thank you. ---Charles (Charles Robin Kilgore/Kingsport, Tennessee, U.S.A.)

Louis Hixson says:

Cool stuff

Amanda Bragg says:

You guys are so great at what you do. Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing more of your songs on here.

Brandon Hixson says:

I Love The 80's

Keith@ Indieheaven says:

Great having you with us! I wish you all the very best! Make sure to join us on our community bulletin boards!

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