FAZLATEST STATUS: Had a great time at Creation Fest!! Looking forward to many more festivals to come!!

Henry Staggers says:

All can say is WOW great stuff keep up the great work Love it
You certainly stand out for the Lord Stay Blessed my brother
Henry Staggers

Roger Angove says:

Hi Steven, my name is Roger from New Zealand. I now live in Canada where I play in a band called Flood the Stone (also on Indieheaven). I was just checking out your music and was totally impressed with what I heard. We've been searching high and low for a 'compatible' band to tour with on the site and to be honest you're the only one that's caught our ear. We have just found a booking agent here in Canada who starts on June 20th and we want to be on the road asap across Canada and the US after that sharing our music and what God has done in our lives! We would love to open for you. We have a full touring rig (programmable PA and lights) and transport and are ready to go.
Check out our webpage and let me know what you think. I have an interactive poster that I can email you with links to our music and videos etc. What is your email address?

Let me know what you think, I'd love to talk further about some possibilities.

Thanks for your time Steven and God bless.


LIsa Fenstermacher says:

Excellent singing and music! Reminds a bit of Genesis, and Peter Gabriel.
Very engaging music and lyrics. Good work!!!!!!

Katie Theobald says:

Steven I am so proud of you, you've come so far! You guys sound amazing and are all in my prayers!

Keith Mohr- President of Indieheaven says:

Stephen, Congrats on your new project! Sounds great!! I pray for huge returns for your faith-work investment

Big Sister says:

So proud of you guys! Love the lyrics!

Jeff says:

Great music and insight to your lyrics. Best part, actually refreshing style of music. Keep it up!

Aunt Ruthie says:

love your music!! Great job!!

David Woll says:

I love the third song!!!

Daniel Sherwood says:

This band is AMAZING!!!!!!!

Aaron Pengilly says:

you guys are the best keep up the great work and keep strong in the Lord the one and only true savior of this world and the light of your lives love you all and your the man steven love ya

Jordan Mckinney says:

The greatest band ever!

Royal Randle says:

Wow. This is the first music of this Genre that ive actually listened too. It is not only powerful but it sounds great. Im not just saying that even if I did used too hang with the lead singer back when we were kids. Keep it young Steven.

GarBooty says:

This band will one day be a voice to the world! LOVE THEM!

michelle says:

God Dream is AMAZING! Great job Fazakerley Band!

Nate says:

WOW! This music is amazing. A++++

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