David Michael CarrilloLATEST STATUS: I am now setting up ministry dates for my 2019 USA tour. I would love the opportunity to share my music, testimony, and mission work with your church

Bob Feifar says:

Clear Water Harbor Radio



Pastor Gordon Braun says:

Hey, DMC, looking forward to seeing you in +/- 2 weeks. Make sure you bring CD's--I haven't figured out how to order CD's on IndieHeaven, and I don't like MP3's!

Ellen Boyle says:

nice!!! :)

chris lucas says:

It was an honor and an inspiration to meet you @ the Summit. This year it was the new people I met that made it special. It was great to see your faithfulness rewarded and to hear your music (worth the wait). I left the Summit on a higher plane than I came.

Mike Westendorf says:

Hey DMC! Hope you got to the church safe. Congrats on the award and thanks for the thoughts and encouragement as always!

Linda Kristophel says:

Hi David,
I just completed a project working with a friend of yours, Dave LaDuke. He was such a help and such a talent. He wrote 8 of the 10 songs on the cd and I am thrilled with them. God has given you guys so that you might give back and I see that is what you're doing. May He bless all our efforts to see His name lifted high so He can draw all men to Himself. It will be a continued step of faith now to see what He will do with what He has given me to share. What a joy and privilege to be a servant - not an entertainer, performer or even a singer - but a servant. If you'd like to hear a little of what we did it's on my website at God bless you, a sister in Christ, Linda Kristophel

Emily Van Drunen says:

Dear David,
I am Emily Van Drunen and I am in Pete Posts special education class. Its the class that you came to speak in at trinity. I talked to you and got your card. I want to say great job speaking. You have a wonderful talent w speaking, playing and singing. I was impressed. Your song video-Fearfully and Wonderfully is incredible and that song can be so touching. I really like it alot! I will definitely be buying your cd or cds sometime soon:) I will listen to it in my car alot... Would I find these cds in a bookstore where they have cds and books?

Carol Haney says:

I have a Grandson with adhd and seen you on tvn Harvest show and so much enjoyed how your life turn out for the Lord Jesus. Amen

Becky Wright says:

Wow, David, I'm so glad to finally hear your music! You've got quite a legacy of worship and music here, all for our King! Your duet with Wendy is beautiful... wow! So glad to have you here on Indie Heaven! Your sister in Oklahoma, Becky Wright (I'm coming your way in June/July 2008... )

Mike Westendorf says:

Hey Glad to see you finally got that laptop up and running! Keep in touch.

btw, how does October look for you, got some opportunities to share with you.

Donna Gough says:

Really lifts your spirit in both his music and testimony! Thanks. Where can I purchase another copy of the CD "Fearfully and Wonderfully Made", Living with ADHD trhough Stories & Songs"? Thanks!

Bonnie Barrio says:

Your music just really touches & ministers to my heart. Please let me know when you will be in So. California. I'm listening to your music right now & I am just so moved. I have been so far from the Lord and your music has just encouraged & lifted me up. Thank you & God bless you & your ministry Michael.

humberto boccardi says:

First above all I'm looking forward to hearing you this coming week, at our ministry in Liberty N.Y.
The music and messages are beutiful, very soothing, I know we will be in for a great experience.
Thank You for coming.

Mike Westendorf says:

Thanks for your support and encouragement David! May 23rd in Murphy was a ministry chanager. Looking forward to May! God's blessings.

Mark Coker says:

Great Music! God Bless!

luke austin daugherty says:

it was good to see you last summer! good to see you keeping busy for God. Love in Christ, luke

Jermaine Donaldson says:

You make me proud I'm from Indiana!!! Your IH siblings, G-TAC

Toni Irwin says:

David and Zachariah are both wonderful guys, it was wonderful to have them both come to Calvary Chapel Hackettstown, we cant wait to have them come back to hang with us. You guys are great brothers in the lord the hole church loves u guys. see you in Aug's

Chris Kauffman says:

we love u guys, u to david, keep up the great work. Chris wants to see the next picture w/ the guitar that came from family....

Pastor Kim Strysick says:

Brother David, You're web site is awesome! I really miss you up here in Hooterville !! HAHA.I pray you are blessed always. You have touched my life David and I have grown. I thank you from the bottom of my heart you answered the call in your life. Bring in those souls brother....You are loved and missed.Pray to see you soon. Be blessed 1000 fold in all you do in His Mighty name. The GREAT I AM....GO DOD!

Kyla Durnford says:

I say, "AWESOME, BABY." That's a 10! You two guys are so amazing. I am so glad you made it out here to share with my church family and especially my brother. I can't even begin to describe to you how much it meant to me. God Bless you both.

Brian Bates says:

Thanks for bringing some truth and sunshine to my cloudy season. It mattered, and was unbelievable timing. Your artistry and honesty is an inspiration.

Sharon Hock says:

David,thanks for sharing your heart with us. You can tell your music comes from a true heart of worship. Great lyrics and music.

Jackie G (Vision Dancer says:

Hi David..As a teacher I was so blessed to have heard your testimony. Great songs. I definitely share them with my teacher friends...

Ken Verheecke says:

Hey brother... it was so good to finally meet you at the Summit this year man! I HOPE are able to connect again and soon!!! Keep the faith man... you are faithful :-).

Breeanna Noonkester says:

Hiya I'm Mike's Older sister, I go to Carroll County Calvery Chaple. My little Brother now looks up to you. We both also have ADHD, and well We gets mad fun of a lot because of it. And well you know how you said the "Sticks and Stone" thing, well That has helped me out a lot, not just with every day life, but with an essay for English. Margie was smart to have you play at the Well and for Worship!!!! God Bless you and Ryan, and Thanks a lot!

John Buckingham says:

David, wish your agenda could bring you to King salmon, AK, I've only heard two songs, but praying to hear more, gby

Merle Wilhelm says:

David Michael, you brought the word to us in Williston, Ohio in a way we will remember for a long time. With feeling and from the heart! You are a blessing to all who here your word and song! Bless you and your ministry! We pray you will not forget us in future trips. Praise the Lord!!

renee says:

David, your voice that sounds like heaven's glory! Thank you for obeying God, beautiful music! Renee'

Marge Scholz says:

Hello David, I met you this Sunday at St Andrew's in Sheboygan. I am enjoying one of your CD's as I type to you. I enjoyed your music and message very much on Sunday. I would be interested in hearing more about your ADHD ministry. My grandson suffers from ADHD as well as bi-polar and he's only 10. He has suggested that he'd like to become a Salvation Army officer and I don't want his ADHD to get in the way of his goals. He has great faith in God. Anything you could advise would be greatly appreciated. Your bio said you'd like to influence one boy. May Zach is the one. Love and blessing to you and your ministry. Marge

Rick says:

David..miss you...make sure you get in touch with me when you return to Indiana!! Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

Randy says:

Dave-thanks for visiting Community Gospel Church over the Christmas holiday. What a blessing and a beautiful ministry.


Completely annointed - I hope to hear more projects from you and I have told others about your beautiful voice &^ music ministry

Chuck Henning says:

I just wanted to say that what David does with his music and missionwork around the world is great. The Lord does great work through David. Thanks and May GOD continue to bless him and his work. says:

Hey great music! I was just checking out the artist who are in the CCM and I have to say you have one amazing voice! Great Work.. keep it up and God Bless!

Aimee Goldstein says:

David, your music is so inspirational. I truely enjoyed you coming to Alaska to be at our retreat. Our lord worked in some blessing ways that weekend. Thanks again for coming up.

James Blind says:

He sings, he writes, he worships, and he makes a great morning show sidekick...DMC can do it all..rock on my friend! :)

The Upper Room says:

David Michael returned to The Upper Room in Sheboygan Wi, for a whole week of ministry. He touched many lives! And God is not done with him yet!

Gray says:

Thanks, for the Great job and music, message you gave at McKee Road. I will be praying for you and Angela as you start your Winter Tour. May God Bless U.

The Upper Room says:

What an awesome blessing David was while at The Upper Room Christian Coffee House in Sheboygan, Wi. My church invited him to do Thurs. night service and was so impressed gave him all 5 services that weekend. The town is still buzzing about David Michael and we look forward to him ministering again in the near future!

Keith says:

David, We are blessed to have you with us on the site, you are what ministry is all about! Blessings Keith

Nancy says:

Dear David, I love your music! Keep up the good work!

laurie says:

David, Your music is beautiful in every way. I can't wait to hear more! And get further insight on the "man behind the guitar" :)

Steve Hoy says:

David is a soldier for Christ and has a passion for ministry. God Bless you and continued success David!!

Emily Frye says:

David~ You are and awesome person and I can't tell you enough that you have helped me so much. I haven't even known you a year yet, but you are one of the few people I can talk to. You are great. Love and peace!

Kelly Honan says:

David...ever since I first heard you at LTS, I've been so inspired in so many ways. I like to think that God put you in my life as way of reassuring my heart that HE is still there. Thank you for everything you do, and I can't wait to see you again! All my love!

Rachel Meier says:

David, you are an awesome awesome artist and ever since I met long ago? 5-6 years?? Anyway... you've been a great influence and inspiration in my life and the lives of all of us LTS people! All my love and best wishes to you!!!

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