Kristin Fisher

George Kulp says:

What a pure and understated voice to listen to. Her JOY CD is one of my favorite holiday recordings. Her Christmas concerts gives us the time to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas. A Beautiful Peace.

Harry Offutt says:


Your music has been a gentle respite today in the midst of a lot of stress. Very well produced. Good to have you on IH.

Drop by the forum and say hi!

Randall Scott Lee says:

Kristin -

Ran across "Your Mother's Here" near my song on Fan Faves. It is both powerful and touching at the same time. It's fun to run across a song of another indieheaven artist that could replace a song within my Rock Opera, and this is easily one of those. An obviously inspired song. Keep blessing your listeners.

MaryKat Sundahl says:

"Follow In My Footsteps" is an amazing approach! Have given 6 as gifts and am getting phone calls inquiring how they can buy some for gifts.

rosa ciccarelli says:

This cd rocks!

Deb Lax says:

I'm really enjoying listening to "Footsteps". I get more meaning and prayerful reflection out of it every time I listen -which is daily during Lent. Thank you!

Kristin Lynch says:

Love your music, and your name;) Go Kristin

Donnalee Cole says:


Peg Bird says:

Another brilliant work of art! I love this one as much as I did all the others! Thanks for bringing Jesus closer to all of us through your music! You guys are awesome!

Connie Hamm says:

Beautifully done. It certainly makes me reflect on what Jesus has done for me. The words and the music totally fit.

Keith@ Indieheaven says:

Kristin, great having you with us! I wish you the very best in your music mission!

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