Dave Panico- SaxophonistLATEST STATUS: Check out the video SummerTime at

Scott Smith says:

Nice, flutes great too. First thing I listened to today. God bless you!



Bob Rader says:

Found it ! Very Cool. I love the Sax.

edson from brasil says:

hi dave, nice to meet you. i write this mail to ask you....would you like see you music in brazilians air waves? i have two hours by week for divulge smooth and fusion jazz---in south america is not like usa, full time jazz radios,, just weekly jazz radio show. my first wish is try popularize the good sound. think about.

Hi Dave says:

Good to hear how the Lord is blessing you in your field and ministry. Quite a few concerts. I do pray you will continue to have doors opened to you and God will use you for his glory, honor and praise.
Things are going well with Proclaiming The Truth. It's a busy place for the gospel and truth. Praise God!

Have a great time in your concerts. Love, Margie

Liz Domino says:

Refreshing! Inspiring!! Never knew this music was out there!! Found this web site for the first time today. Thank you!!


enjoying the tunes david. smooth BUT SOARING . nice to see you in olathe

will be playing come all who are thirsty tonight on the show

Margie says:

Love the pics of you and the band, neat in fact. Thanks for sharing. Margie

Margie says:

Love your profile pic Dave; it's neat. Thanks, for writing, so good to hear from you today. We hope your Thanksgiving with family will be blessed. Love, Tim & Margie

Brent Handy says:

I have had the pleasure of mixing this guy in with our house band here in KC on numerous occasions. He is a soft spoken, professional, showman. If you have a need in your church for an artist of this genre, then D should be at the top of your list.

Brent Handy, Audio Engineer and member of Project Damage Control

Steven A. Caron says:

Hey "DAVE" , The new c.d. sounds great. Keep up the good and "GODLY WORK". Take care and "GOD BLESS" you.--------STEVE----------

Talesha Hogan says:

I just realized that you are here. I remember you from Shoutlife. Keep shining in His love. I love the tunes ♥

Margie Rapley says:

Hello brother Dave: So blessed by your music. Eye on the Sparrow is beautiful. As the psalmist David played his instrument before the Lord; Jesus loves it when we worship him in that way too... Love in Christ, Margie

Colby Belk says:

I haven't heard "I Will Celebrate" since I was a toddler. That latin punch you gave it was sweet.

Steffannie Gonzalez says:

I can see why you ranked in the TOP 5! excellence (I will celebrate is wonderful)

Larry Shackley says:

Dave is a great guy and a great musician, as evidenced by these fine clips! Wish we could have a jam like in the good old days.

Drew Davidsen says:

Nice stuff. I love good sax. Hope all is well. God Bless!

John Beinarauskas says:

Great set


Dave what a awesome job you did tonight at Sanctuary. I am the one who helped you sell the CD's Jimmy

Glenn Hagen says:


Danny from mile7 says:

What an incredible talent that you have! Praise God that you choose to invest and multiply that talent for God!

Andrea Parker says:

Great sound! My hubby is a sax player too!

Tim Jacobi-Shout120 says:

Lovin' the Sax, great arrangements and musicians!!, Reminds me of Spyrogyra (am I showing my age??)

Barbara Butler says:

Saw you live in an open air concert in a Overland Park concert in the Farmers Market. Husbnad and I really enjoyed you. We both are happy that we found your web site

Jim Drew says:

Hey Dave Glad to see your page and all. Us long hair folks gotta stick together because all my friends keep cutting theirs. I was feeling lonely in the mix but now I got a new bud. So don't do it, no matter what the military says. LOL! By the way, I'll check out the whole CD tonight. I checked the stuff above and I really liked the "I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever" instrumental a lot. Take care Jim

Kerri Crocker says:

Dave, LOVE IT!!!!! Wish I could have made the Summit to see the hair :) and the marvelous worshipper with the sax! Blessing on you!

Pamela Bieri says:

It was great to meet 'ya at the summit!!! Awesome music, next year, you'll be on stage!!!! :)

ted fillhart@IH says:

You are the bomb!!! Momentum Awards - Best Hair!!!! It was great meeting you and hanging with you throughout the conference! May God continue to Bless you and your family!

Chris Conti says:

Bought the CD as a background for pre-service / after-service at our church, receving many positive comments from happy congregation.

Brandon Hixson says:

Great material with excellent sax hooks. (from a fellow sax man)Brandon Hixson (Godfueled)

MyKey K ~ IH Gospel Piano servant says:

Holy SaxMan!!! Brother Dave plays & dances for Thee King & His Kingdom in Jesus ALL The Way!!!

Jay Fowler says:

Dave, this is just super. Know you had a dream back when we were playing together, and I miss those days with you...but DREAM FULFILLED...God Bless Your Ministry Friend. Jay

David Lin says:

I have seen Dave play live numerous times. He is a gifted instrumentalist and he has blessed our stage at NEIGHBORS ( a couple of times. Check out is CD "Soar" - I've got my copy! God bless you David (9th Hour)

Joey Nicholson @ IH says:

Wow! Dave the saxman is here!! Great music and I LOVED jamming with you in KC. blessings, bro!

Keith@ Indieheaven says:

Dave, Great having you on Indieheaven! I wish you all the best!

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