Rick Bogart

Drew Davidsen says:

Hope all is well with you. Drew

New Music on my page. Check out, "We 3 Stringz" featuring Paul Jackson Jr. and Chuck Loeb. D

Cindy Beccue says:

Bro this is the first time I got to hear your new album sounds awesome!
You always have had a great talent, keep on singing for our Lord.
Love ya, your little sis Cindy

Carmen Minick says:

Wow Rick, It's so good to hear you sing for our Lord. He has a plan...Keep it real and in him......God's work is at hand........praying for you ...your little sis Carms

katie says:

I really enjoy your CD's. I was checking my e-mail, and thought I'd check how your song, you're mine inside, was doing on the charts, came across your Bio. Wow! the work and commitment in doing Gods work in your existing Ministries. I didn't realizes,that is awesome. I'm so proud of you Bro.
my God bless you always, Love you, Katie

Rachel says:

Wow, listening to you is great! You sound so good and inspired. Its nice to hear especially when I can hear a hint of my father in you. Miss you and keep on with what you do. Its beautiful uncle Rick. Love you, Rachel

D S says:

Loved your opener @ services today. Great job up there!!! Your music as well is inspiring... keep it up man this stuff is great; both your originals and sundays!


Steven Coy Cook says:

What a good sound, and voice. Enjoyed listening to you this morning. I can feel your passion through your music. God Bless your ministry.

Fellow IH Member
Steven Coy Cook

Wendy Stouffer says:

Wow!! i really enjoyed hearing some of your original work. You've been holding back on Sunday!! LOL. Time to let go and worship!

Drew Davidsen says:

Great job! Good to talk to you on the phone. I am looking up the church now. Thanks for the invite to play.

Cindy Journell-Hoch says:

Enjoyed hearing you at FCF on Sunday. Good to see you again. (we were members of FBC)

Marlene Young says:

My dear Rick, Thank you for your lovely and gracious comments about last Thursday's reception, about the "Christmas in our Hometown" CD, and the original title track song. But most of all, thank you for sharing the gift of your voice, your spirit and your faith with me once again on this project and with so many others to whom the light of Christ shines so beautifully through you. Thanks for your moving comments at the reception. They were well received by those who attended. We sold 126 CDs during the 2 hrs. that will benefit Hope Alive, Inc. I am blessed by so many wonderfully supportive folks. And, I was pleased that the Mayor and Aldermen of the City of Frederick turned out. I announced being asked to perform with the Kris Kringle event of Dec. 3rd, but since then, I have been asked by the City of Frederick to give the inspirational talk and sing for the Festival of Lights Ceremony at City Hall on Dec. 17th. What a joy and blessing that will

Aly/ALBIE Entertainment says:

Rick-I really like "You're Mine Inside". Great track. Reminds me of old 4Him. Entertaining and uplifting!

Dan Hawkinson says:

What an awesome voice.

Gerald says:

A big thumbs up for the new CD Rick especially When I Confess.

Steve Givens says:

Excellent new stuff, Rick!Soulful, funky and faithful...just like you!Peace!

IndieHeaven Staff says:

Great job on your new project Rick! It sounds excellent and the songs are great. Way to go!

Scott (Cry of Mercy) says:

Rick, love your new song - You're Mine Inside! Keep the good stuff coming brother!

Gerald Lendow says:

Hey Rick, A big thumbs up on fountain of truth. God Bless Gerald

Fran says:

You are such an incredibile, inspirational leader. I love the songs on your next album. They are awesome!

Crystal says:

You are a Blessing! Your songs speak of the Love & Peace that can only be found in our Lord! Thank you for using your talents to spread the Good News!

Lynne Masoner says:

Such a talented artist! I can't wait till the next CD comes out!

Gerald says:

Great songs

Paul says:

Rick is truly Blessed. What a voice...

chris sanchez says:

wow rick your the best voice that i've heard yet. Keep the hard work going I'm looking so forward to your new cd

Sandy says:

Great song. Super beat!

Melanie Klais says:

WOW! You've got to hear this voice!!!

Robert says:

everyone need to download this song. it is a great song and you should also buy the cd.

Dan says:

What a Mighty Voice! You have been blessed with exceptional talent. Can't wait for the new CD!

Kelsie sweetzers says:

Ilove you daddy I hope singing goes well!!! I really enjoyed singing on the album!

Margie Stemple says:

There are many people that have wonderful voices, but when you hear a song and know the person singing has a heart for serving the Lord, the songs take on so mucsh meaning and the voice pierces your heart, because it is from the Lord. Rick, I know yor heart is with the Lord and to serve Him as you are is such a blessing to us. May the Lord use you in mighty ways!

Mike Soto says:

Rick: The new project will no doubt be dynamite based on the sample we've heard. Keep working hard, the Lord is using you in a mighty way. Keep your heart open and blessings will continue to pour into your life. Mike

Doug Benson says:

Great stuff!! Awesome engineering!! God will use you mightily, brother!

Gerald Lendow says:

I especially liked "You're Mine Inside" Rick, your gift will make room for you. Continue to give God glory and he will exalt you in due season.

Martin Family says:

We've know Rick for years and have really enjoyed his music. We can't wait for the new CD!!

Steve Givens says:

We (Nathanael's Creed) had the great opportunity to share the stage with Rick last year for a Lupus Foundation benefit. He's a great talent with a great gift and a great calling for ministry. Did I mention he was great? Can't wait for the new CD!

Karl Wendell says:

I have heard Ricks CD and can't wait to get my copy!

Dave Whyte says:

Rick is finding out what happens when one dedicates thier talents to G od....His vocal style and blossoming knack for bringing musicians together combine to bring 'the word' into your heart in an irresistable manner... I really enjoyed contributing to his next effort...Be watching for it soon. Keep up the great work Rick!!

Lynne M. says:

Rick was blessed by God with a beautiful voice and loads of talent. God has blessed us by urging Rick to share his talents with us so that we may feel closer to Him through Rick's music. I loved the "Reflect" CD so much that I had to buy it again and share it with a friend. Best of luck Rick, and blessings from God on your new upcoming CD "You"! I can't wait to hear it!

Ken King says:

I first met Rick 2 summers ago when we were both playing at the Howard County Fair. I was immediately impressed with his vocal range. But it was when we had the opportunity to spend some time together afterwards that I got to see his heart for ministry. That is what really made the difference. Subsequently, Rick asked me to play drums on his latest project "You", and I gladly agreed. That was a real blessing! Having been involved, I can let you know that you need to grab your copy ASAP! You will thoroughly enjoy it and the bonus is... YOU WILL BE BLESSED! All I can say is, hurry up Rick, my CD player is open and waiting.

Joanne Bogart says:

Rick's music just keeps getting better and better. I can't wait for the new project It will Blow you away!

John says:

Great CD! The entire family enjoys listening. We Can't wait till his new CD is available. Rick is blessed with talent and is using it to glorify God.

brenda says:

This song has alot of feeling;just like all of the other songs I've heard from Rick! Fantastic voice and great singer! Can't wait to hear the entire CD! Very inspiring!

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