Kate WhiteLATEST STATUS: Getting ready for Birdfest!!!

Bruce Danna says:

Excellent : )

Bobby Garringer says:

I would like copies of the following songs to play on an Internet Radio station: "We Will" "Quiet Place" "The Measure Of Your Holiness" "Here" "Dry and Thirsty Place" "Mercy" "No One Else" and "I Will Rise".

Diane Lewis says:

Thank you so much for your gift of your cd at the First Christian Music Festival Kate. I enjoyed the message, the music and the words. I don't understand God's plans but crossing paths with you is a treasure. I look forward to next time.
God Bless Diane

Bill & Lori Gardner says:

We really enjoyed your concert in Grenada last Saturday, and your newer CD. Keep up the good work!

Naima says:

I love I Will Rise - Great Song!

Tane' Miller says:

Hi Kate,
It was so nice to meet you at the summit! I absolutetly love your songs, and you have a beautiful voice! I was wondering what part of Hungary you lived.I was in Miskolcs for a time in 1990 right after the wall came down. "Sivem feleid uyong urum tele, Mil nage vage te, Mil nage vage te".That's all I can remember of How Great Thou Art, I sang it alot. I appreciate you and all you do to glorify Jesus! Blessings, Tane'

Chris Carder says:

Hey Kate,
It was great to see you at the CIA Summit on Friday. You rocked the house girl! I pray God continues to change the world through you.

Kiersten Venezia says:

Kate...So sorry I didn't get to say goodbye yesterday. We bolted when the tornado warning came. I looked for you but thought maybe you left too. I'm so glad we got to serve together, learn together and play together. You are such a gifted woman and I can't wait to get your music! What a blessing it was to meet you!

denny denham says:

gorgeous voice and lyrics...-D-

Greg Dahl says:

I love your songs Kate. Thanks for your ministry.


i am enjoying your tunes--keep up the great songs

still my heart- calm my fears- draw me close- hold me near. remind me that your prescense never leaves me. you are the burried treasure of my heart, says:

Welcome to Indieheaven, I really like your music! Great job!
Keep up the excellent faith-work!
Keith Mohr
Indieheaven says:

Welcome to Indieheaven!
I look forward to hearing your music!
Keep up the excellent faith-work!
Keith Mohr

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