Kim KrenikLATEST STATUS: Check out my latest "In the Process" videos on youtube!

Alison Stevens says:

Hey girl! Been thinking about you lately - hope all is well with you and the family :) Let me know the next time you're in Nashville, would love to catch up over coffee or lunch!

Steven Childs Pennamen says:

Love the production, energy, style and voice... Great Songs....

God Bless Your Ministry,
Steven Childs Pennamen

Kelby Bruno says:

Love your new song! I just listened to it and realized I miss you!!! Keep going girl. song by song, season by season....

Vera (Rusky) Karlson says:

I love you Kim! Beautiful!!!

Carey Germana says:

Beautiful voice Kim and "Down Before Him" is a great song!


LOVIN THE NEW SONG KIM... disk it up and get it to me. i like what i hear.

Ashley Farrell says:


I love your voice. Great music. I'm new to Indieheaven, but I'm so glad I came across your music. I'll be sure to add you to my top 10 artist friends. I'd love for you to check out my music and let me know what you think. If you enjoy what you hear, please add me to your top 10 too! I look forward to hearing from you!


Regi Stone says:

Please contact me regarding your song "The Lion". I'm a publisher in Nashville, TN and am interested in using this tune in an upcoming issue of our music service. Thanks, Regi Stone

Lara Marriott says:

Hey Kim,

We don't know eachother, but I am moving to Pleasanton, CA where my husband is taking a worship pastor position there. I am a singer/songwriter and would love to connect with other songwriters close by. If you are interested in connecting please email me. That would be great. I see that you are a PW as well. = ) I really enjoyed listening to your songs. They are beautiful. God bless.

Emily Rose says:

HEY!!! I love your music... I am really in awe right now =) I found it on project playlist. I am new to listening to Christian music... I really love the lord but I never really came across anything I like until now... i was actully searching for the song Lion by Rebecca St. James and I came across you =D I adore your song!!! I might try and figure it out on the piano... i am telling my friends about you so maybe we can rally and increase your popularity WOOT!

Hellos from Michigan

Emily Rose

Bernie Smith says:

We would love to promote you in Feb/March 2008 issue of Grace & Mercy Magazine. Please send us copy of your bio/photos/website.

New WIne316 says:

I really enjoy listening to you sing brings me to my knees straight to repentance Hope you will continue to record God Bless You.

New WIne 316

Brandon Hixson of Splendorleaf says:

Wow - I never get tired of "The Lion" - what a beautiful ballad! Keep up the great work friend!


Bill Petty says:

Kim, I wanted to take a moment to drop a note to you and say how much I enjoy The Lion. I've listened to it many times on IH Radio and it really speaks! Great vocal work, really pushes through and delivers with a mighty voice.

Thank you so much for the ministry of your music. I pray blessings for you this day and every day.

Carmen Skeen says:

Congratulations on all your successes and especially for the birth of your beautiful son, Lucas. You've made your folks so proud and there's nothing more than a parent could ask for than that.

Becky Carey says:

Hey Kim,

For some reason, God just keeps bringing you to my mind for prayer. Baby boy arrived yet? How about updating your IH family here with a short blog?

I am now an official IH member and have just placed "I Wait For You" on the Fan Faves page. Please come pay me a visit and of course, I would appreciate you voting on my song too. It's way down at the bottom right now:(

Love and blessings,

Quinetta James says:

God bless you & all. Continue doing god work.


YOU KNOW ROCKINRON heres loves kim krenik ... down before him, call me crazy, the lion i know was just the beginning. i am hoping for new tunes FROM YOU for kbcu . KIM KRENIK YOU HAVE A GIFT

Vicki says:

Hi Kim:
Beautiful music...beautiful voice...beautiful message...


Duane McCauley says:

Kim, You have such a awesome gift, I'm proud of you for using it to honor Jesus and bless us. I really like your song "Call Me Crazy" it has a great sound and a real message I can relate to. I have been listening your your songs all week...very inspirational. Love your friend, Duane

Duane McCauley says:


God has given you such an awesome gift, I'm glad you are using it to honor Him and bless us.

Duane McCauley says:

You have such a awesome gift, I'm proud of you for using it to honor Jesus and bless us. I really like your song "Call Me Crazy" it has a great sound and a real message I can relate to. I have been listening your your songs all week...very inspirational.

Love your friend,

Becky Wright says:

Hey, Kim! Your songs are so anointed!! I love many, but especially "The Lion"! WOW! What a way to worship! Love to minister with you when God causes our paths to cross! I'm not in California very often!! We'll see.... In Christ, Becky

MyKey K < > IH Ar†is† says:




- COLOSSIANS 3:15-17

<: ))>< IXOYE


For no one can lay any founda†ion o†her †han †he one already laid, which is Jesus Chris†"
- 1 Corin†hians 3:11

Jesus ~ Savior ~ Lord ~ Mas†er King of Kings of †he Universe ~ Love ~ Peace ~ Vic†ory ~ God.


Joe Magana says:

KIm, When I listen to "The Lion" I see the last clip of the movie "Lion, Witch, and Wardrobe". I see Jesus entering the scene as the roaring Lion of Judah intervening as King of all Kings, and Lord of all Lords. The song is a declaration of the authority of our God.The kingdom of darkness cringes when it is sung, because it declares the final verdict. It reminds me of the verse below

Psalm 149:6-9
May the praise of God be in their mouths and a double-edged sword in their hands, to inflict vengeance on the nations and punishment on the peoples, to bind their kings with fetters, their nobles with shackles of iron, to carry out the sentence written against them. This is the glory of all his saints.

Drew Davidsen says:

I love your song, "The Lion." Nice vocals!!! I was surfing on Indie Heaven Radio and found you. I am so glad I did. Have a great day!

Angelina Johnson says:

You've been my favorite for a long time, just blessed knowing you all these years. Our daddy adores you, as your praises reach His ears, He smiles at his little Kimmie. Plus, your naturally growing with music within, shouting for joy in a few weeks with the birth soon you lots. Thank you for allowing me to Pray for your kiddos' in the spirit, for it is God's will and timming...and lots of believing....I love to do the believing in faith. See I am spoiled I can see you anytime, see you in church. Jesus Lives!!! Love toi you mama and loads of Kisses to the kids, Adios Chica...Angelina

Brenda Blanton says:

Kim, I love the clarity and sincerity I hear in your voice and lyrics. The Lion is fab-u-lous!

gabby g says:

call me crazy is a great song everyone should hear it and it will bring young people like me(13) closer to God.

Katie Giguere says:

How gorgeous is "The Lion!" It was great to meet you!

John Martin Keith says:

Kim, amazing voice and beautiful songs! Blessings to you as you minister!

Mike Westendorf says:

The Lion is a beautiful song, powerful, passionate and purposeful. Be Blessed!

Mike Wilson says:

Kim, Congrats on being nominated for Female Vocalist of the Year. Even though you didn't win, your still and always will be a winner here at "The Well" Christian Coffee House.

Mike Cowan says:

Can't wait to meet you at The Summit. Great stuff here! Why only two preview songs?? Me wants more. ~Mike - Kudzu

Ben Morris says:

Kim, NICE! I feel strong beauty & Glory directed towards Jesus! Annointed! Passionate. Fire & water. Refreshing! Your Kudzu Bro in Christ! Keep it up!

Kerri Crocker says:

Kim, I'm new to indieheaven and was checking out the charts. I'm glad I previewed 'Lion'. It is awesome and your voice is so annointed. Keep blessing people!! PTL

D. Hooper says:

the voice - ANGELIC. the music - TIGHT. the lyrics - COMPELLING this song has POWER. GREAT work.

Andrea Parker says:

Wow! I cam across your song and loved it. Then read your bio and am even more impressed. Being a pastor's wife, and mother of two children (5,and 1.5) you have inspired me to go on. I too am a singer/songwriter and just want to say "thank you" for following your passion! :) -Andrea

Melissa Compton says:

Kim, your music is beautiful! I love the conviction in your voice! Also, thank you for supporting me, and I hope to see you at the Summitt!! Love your fellow Indie Artist, Melissa Compton

Mary James says:

Hi Kim, Love your stuff...awesome voice, great songs! You have my vote!!! Blessings, Mary James

Alison Stevens says:

KIMMIE!! So looking forward to seeing you in March! You are such a talent, it will be a privilege to share the stage with you. :)

Laurie Sterling says:

Beautiful music! Love"The Lion".

Joe Magana says:

"The Lion" is an intimate, personal, and powerful declaration of Jesus, the King of Kings, the Lion of Judah, sung with passion from the heart. This song would have been a great closing song for the movie "Chronicles of Narnia" Thanks again Kim.

Katrina Harstad says:

Simply just another wonderful song.

joann mccrea says:

Kim, your music is just beautiful, and so are you. I love ya girl, Thank you for being my friend.

Todd Agnew says:

Really enjoyed your stuff. Just wanted to take a sec to encourage you. Keep up the good work.

Brian Youd says:

You're awesome, Girl! Thanks for bringing me into the throne room. Call Me Crazy is a wonderful showcase of your talents. God bless!

Brandon Hixson says:

Just beautiful!!!!! Brandon Hixson (Godfueled)

Cindy Chavez says:

Kim, I've loved the song the Lion since the first time I heard it. You have a beautiful voice. Thank you for sharing the gift God has given you.

Becky Brown says:

BEAUTIFUL voice, thanks for sharing it! May God Bless.

Becky Wright says:

Kim, WOW!! Your voice is AMAZING, anointed and powerful! I would LOVE to sing and/or record with you sometime! I gave your song "The Lion" a HIGH rating!! Your IH "sister", Becky Wright

Chas Miller_NarroPath says:

Kim had an opportunity to hear your song "The Lion" and just loved it. What a great tune and voice. Keep up the great work and may God bless.

Nate Krenik says:

i wub u mommy. caw me cwazy is my faabowit song!

Ann-Marie Krenik says:

Sounds great! We are so proud of you!

Brittany Pannell says:

beautiful artist!

Garreth Schroeder says:

great song kim, keep up the good work and hope you get to #1!!

Chrissy Vernon says:

Your music is cool! Best of luck to you...and I hope you know your neice loves you a bunch!

stephanie rondi says:

your at the top in my book sweetie ... keep up the good work... i miss you tons....

Chrissy Vernon says:

=) God Bless!

Elizabeth Campbell says:

I'm voting everyday- You're so amazing! Love you!

Nicole Wooding says:


Laura Stansfield says:

Loved It! Another song well done Kim!

Katie Campbell says:

I am so proud of you auntie Kim- you have done an amazing job with all your songs. :)

Roman Grothaus says:


Arlene Hale says:

Great song, great voice, it need to be on my iPod!

Erik Busby says:

Very good.

Karen Brown says:

Love all of Kim's music.

Candace Baez says:

Why isn't this on the radio? It has everything needed to be a huge hit.

Art Ingwerson says:

great mix ,nice sound

Elizabeth Campbell says:

I love it!! I love you!

Carmen Skeen says:

It's a winner!

Lisa Jacquez says:

love it, keep playing it, please!!!

Don Tomlins says:

Beautiful Voice

debra knox says:

great song play it more!

Linda Gill says:

Voice of an angel ! Cover is beautiful too. Keep them comming!

Billie Swelstad says:

Jerry-your music is awesome! Hope to hear lots more!

Jerry Schroeder says:

Wow! Really enjoyed listening to your music. May Yahweh bless your ministry mightily!

Mike Callan says:


Evelyn Tolbert says:

Your music is filled with the Spirit. Continue to lift Him up! May God bless you and your gift.

Tony Thomas says:

Awesome voice, Kim! Your song, "The Lion" is in rotation at KAZ Radio. No compromise =]

Fred Thomas @ IH says:

Great Music!! Blessings to you and may all your endeavors to advance the Kingdom of God through your music be overwelmed with the favor of the Lord.

terry moody says:

Kim...Call Me Crazy...really nice! Yea God!

sarah Martinelli says:

Wow!!!! I can't stop listening to this song..... You are truly gifted


great songs. im adding 2 of her new singles to our kbcu playlist. i know shes a name to watch out for. listen for her tunes saturday night on

Aly/ ALBIE Entertainment says:

Love the song on IH Radio-Call Me Crazy! Very fun. Upbeat, Positive Pop, radio friendly! What a treat!

Brother MyKey K < > says:

Songstress Sister K in Jesus sings God's Almighty name gloriously!!! "For God was pleased to have ALL His fullness dwell in Him. . ." Colossians 1:19

Jackie Solomon says:

Okay. I just cannot stop listening to "The Lion". It has to be FULL volume. This is one of my favorites Kimmie. I can feel that this one came from your heart. I MISS YOU!! Love, J

Woody Sawyer says:

This is a voice to die for

James Kenney says:

I really like Call Me Crazy, Now it's stuck in my head!!!

Jackie Solomon says:

We love you Kim. I'm so thankful for the gifts God has given you and for the way you continually use them for His glory and not your own. HUGS! J

Erica Dean says:

Wow, Kim the new songs sound fabulous! I\\\'m so happy for you with your new project and baby! Huge congrats! Lots of luv

Heather Hibbs says:

Awesome! Thank you! "The Lion" is so annointed of God I am moved each time I hear it. You are amazing!

Jacqui Alexander says:


Carleigh Arnold says:

Kim, What a PLEASANT surprise! 'Call me crazy' ROCKS! Why aren't you on the radio, girl?? The depth of 'The Lion' is so refreshing and lyrically poignant. Your voice is intriguing and mezmerizing. Can't wait to hear MORE! Carleigh-Celebration Radio, Merced, CA

Rick Phillips says:

Call me crazy does sound like a hit! Great job!

Kim Beckham says:

Hey Kimmie, "The Lion" will always be more than just a song to will always be a reflection of Christ. And this song reveals the work He is doing through always you are a blessing beyond mere words....Love ya lil' sis, Kimmy

Keith @indieheaven says:

Kim, you have done an INCREDIBLE job with your new songs.. Congrats on your pursuit of excellence!! Call me Crazy is a HIT!

JC _ says:

Very good.

Houston Knox says:

This kids got talent...........

Karen Kenney says:

I agree with what everyone else commented! Proud to be serving under you! kak

Jason campbell says:

Awesome songs Aunt Kim!

Heather St. Clair says:

Wow Kim, your voice has just gotten more and more incredible over the last 23 years since I heard it the 1st time! "The Lion" is incredible. Love ya!

Greg Campbell says:

Wow! Sounds great! Good stuff, Kim! Hope you guys are doing well out there in CA! When's the new album with these tunes and more come out?! :-)

Gary from VISITOR says:

Kim, 'Lover Of My Soul' sounds great. beautiful songs (as usual) Hope to see you live again soon. God bless you!

Derek Kenney says:


Joe B says:


Scott Bamford says:

Hey Kim! Thanks for blessing me with your music. You rock!!

Becca says:

Kimba, you are awesome. Your voice is pure with just enough edge to it to pierce my heart right where God wants to reach me. Your songs mezmorize me. And your friendship has been the biggest blessing I could have ever asked for in my life...

Mike Nelson says:

I love listening to here voice, it pulls at my heart.

Ben Smit says:

Kim... you've got a true gift to sing... you'll make it in CCM ! Ben - Crossroads RHW 96.0 FM

Keith@Indieheaven says:

Kimmie, Thanks my dear sweet sister for your kind and wonderful encouragement. May God bless you and Rob as well. Your friend, Keith

Dan Bagley says:

I am looking for artists for our new coffee house / concert ministry here in Yuba City, CA. We plan to offer various styles of music on a weekly (every Friday evening) basis starting soon. Please contact me if interested. God bless. Dan Bagley Rock in the Redwoods Concerts Yuba City, CA

Deean says:

Kim is definitely my favorite indie artist of all time!

Spence from says:

Kim, I was blown away by your voice at the summit. Your talents really blessed me last weekend. Keep truckin!

basic says:

You Rock Kim! Nice stuff on the new album! Just wanted to drop a note and a "10" rating for ya! Miss you guys! Hope to see you next time we're out in CA!

Michael D'Elia says:

What a heart!!! God Bless you with your work!! Michael Halogen-VP

j&m (40 miles North) says:

Sign us up for the fan club! We can't stop listening to your CDs. Love your style and your heart. Thanks for blessing us at CIA.

Wayne Parker says:

Wayne from Halogen here. I loved your stuff Saturday night at CIA. I really liked the Lion of Judah song. It really moved me. Best of luck in all that God leads you to do. God Bless.

Rhonda Funk says:

I love your style and your voice! May God bless your ministry!

Hoi Dea says:

Kim!!! What a voice! You truly have a gift and so much to offer. Be encouraged today and I hope to sing alongside you again sometime soon!

Carly Hill says:

HEY I 'm heathers dauter and I just wanted to hear your music and you rock. I am lookin forward to meeting you this sunday. says:

Great music... love your sound... you have a great voice... love the piano as well very cool!keep it up and keep rocking. God Bless

Jamie Hoefs says:

I just purchased a copy of "The Mighty And The Iris". I can't stop listening to it. Every song is passionately brought to life by obviously a well seasoned singer/songwriter who has the voice of an angel. I honestly can't believe she's not on a major label. Some extraordinary Santana like guitar riffs - especially on "My First Love" Kim deserves an 11 for this work of art!

Kelby Bruno says:

HI Kim! Just a note to say I love ya!

Katie Campbell says:

You are a truly talented and wonderful person.

John Christiana says:

Beautiful Music from the heart!

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